The Cafe is unlocked after clearing Normal mission 2-1 and is an important part of the game. Here, you can raise affection with your students by tapping on them or giving them gifts. You can also claim Stamina and Credits that cafe passively generates over time. How much Stamina and Credits you can generate on a hourly basis depends on the level of the Cafe and its Comfort level.

Screen shown at the Cafe screen

Pressing the button located on the bottom right of the image will take you to the screen with your stored Stamina and Credits and they will be added to your current Stamina and credits shown at the top of the screen. There is a cap to how much Stamina and Credits you can save so make sure to claim these before you reach your cap so your cafe can always be generating Stamina and Credits.

Visiting studentsEdit

A fresh set of students will appear at the cafe twice a day, at 4:00 and 16:00 server time. While the selection of students is generally random, students (both owned and unowned) that have a unique interaction with a furniture piece are believed to be more likely to appear. One additional character of your choice can also be called to the cafe every 20 hours using the invitation ticket icon on bottom. Tapping on an already owned student will raise their Affection level slightly (refreshes every 3 hours).


Gifts are obtained through Crafting and Events and can be given to students to increase their Affection level. Students accept all gifts but certain gifts pertain more to their story and character. As a result, those gifts will provide increased bonuses. The faces above students indicate how much they would like the gift you are currently dragging.


Cafe can be upgraded with Cores rewarded for first clear if certain stages. After obtaining the item, press the button shown in the bottom right of the image that displays Comfort rating. The icon in the provided image says 3000 which is the comfort level of that particular Cafe so you want to click on this button, then the blue button that will appear in the new window then confirm the cafe upgrade.

Rank Unlocked after Visitors Max Comfort Stamina Credits
Production rate Storage capacity Production rate Storage capacity
1 Normal 2-1 4 1000 3.83 90 2500 60000
2 Normal 3-5 4 1500 6.36 150 4583.55 110000
3 Normal 6-5 5 2000 8.07 220 7085 170000
4 Normal 9-5 5 2500 12.62 300 10000 240000
5 Normal 12-5 5 3000 16.36 390 13541.5 325000
6 Normal 15-5 5 3500 19.49 460 15833.15 380000
7 Normal 18-5 5 4000 22.32 530 18750.80 450000


Comfort level can be increased by placing furniture in the cafe. Placing matching sets of furniture provides additional Comfort bonus. Furniture is obtained through Crafting, Events and, in the form of trophies, by competing in Raids. Students that have a unique interaction with piece of furniture will always be seen interacting with it, if possible. Below is a list of all furniture items that have character interactions, for a complete overview of all cafe furniture see Complete furniture list and Raid trophies

Icon Rarity Name Collection Character interaction
     Halloween Pumpkin Bar Counter Halloween Cafe Furniture   Airi
    Colorful Chair Momo Friends Cafe Furniture   Ako
     Calligraphy Desk New Year Furniture   Aru (New Year)
      Royal Diamond Chair   Atsuko
    Summer Picnic Set Supplies Summer Resort Pool Party Furniture   Ayane (Swimsuit)
      Resort Canopy Sofa Summer Resort Pool Party Furniture   Azusa (Swimsuit)
     Warming Cabinet Traditional Hot Spring Village Furniture   Cherino (Hot Spring)
     Colorful Multi-Screen TV Jellies Arcade Furniture   Chihiro
     Massage Chair Traditional Hot Spring Village Furniture   Chinatsu (Hot Spring)
     Beachside Cooling Fan Beachside Furniture   Chise (Swimsuit)
    Colorful Loveseat Momo Friends Cafe Furniture   Fubuki
      Small Tube Set Pool Summer Resort Pool Party Furniture   Hina (Swimsuit)
    Simple White Sofa Jellies Arcade Furniture   Hinata
    Wood Storage Cabinet   Hiyori
      Beachside Inflatable Floats Beachside Furniture   Hoshino (Swimsuit)
    Steel Magazine Stand Traditional Hot Spring Village Furniture   Iroha
      Chill & Cool Ice Cream Refrigerator Beachside Furniture   Izuna (Swimsuit)
      Traditional Lattice Sweep-out Window   Izuna
     Halloween Pumpkin Dessert Table Halloween Cafe Furniture   Junko
    Hot Spring Capybara Gacha Traditional Hot Spring Village Furniture   Kaede
    Valentine Sweets Storage Bar Valentine Furniture   Kazusa
    White Coffee Table Momo Friends Cafe Furniture   Kokona
    Colorful 2-Tier Planter Momo Friends Cafe Furniture   Mari
    Valentine Chair Valentine Furniture   Marina
     Summer Picnic Set Parasol Summer Resort Pool Party Furniture   Mashiro (Swimsuit)
    New Year Lantern New Year Furniture   Michiru
      Air Hockey Game Machine Jellies Arcade Furniture File:Midori,Momoi.png Midori,Momoi
    New Year Japanese Umbrella New Year Furniture   Mimori
    All-Glass Window Momo Friends Cafe Furniture File:Misaki,Saori.png Misaki,Saori
    Military chair・Pink Military Outdoor Furniture   Miyako
    Military chair・Green Military Outdoor Furniture   Miyu
    Military chair・Blue Military Outdoor Furniture   Moe
    New Year Kendama Set Table New Year Furniture   Mutsuki (New Year)
      Valentine Tea Table Valentine Furniture   Natsu
      Speed Racing Game Machine Jellies Arcade Furniture   Neru
     Table With Matcha Set Traditional Hot Spring Village Furniture   Nodoka (Hot Spring)
    Folding Resort Table Summer Resort Pool Party Furniture   Nonomi (Swimsuit)
    Kerosene Stove and Rice Cake New Year Furniture   Pina
    Military chair・Yellow Military Outdoor Furniture   Saki
    Large Wood Table   Sena
      New Year Kotatsu New Year Furniture   Serika (New Year)
      Sweet and Cool Shaved Ice Bar Beachside Furniture   Shizuko (Swimsuit)
      Momoyo Hall business stall   Shizuko
    Wave-Patterned Chair Traditional Hot Spring Village Furniture   Tomoe
    Monstera White Planter Summer Resort Pool Party Furniture   Tsukuyo
      Colorful Large Pool Summer Resort Pool Party Furniture   Tsurugi (Swimsuit)
      Antique Wood Desk with Drawers   Ui
     Retro Music Amp Summer Resort Pool Party Furniture   Wakamo (Swimsuit)
    Valentine Cookie Sofa Valentine Furniture   Wakamo