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Affection can be checked by clicking on the 'MomoTalk' smartphone icon on your home screen. This stat can be raised by tapping on students in the Cafe, giving them gifts while they are in the cafe, or selecting them on the Schedule.

1 and 2-star characters are only able to reach an Affection level of up to 10. Maximum Affection level for characters that start at 3-star rarity or get upgraded to it is 20, maximum level is further upgraded to 100 at 5-star rarity. Characters receive small stat bonuses for every Affection level achieved up to 50, specific bonus is individual per-character and can be seen on their respective pages.

Rank Max Affection level
Icon star.png 10
Icon star.pngIcon star.png 10
Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png 20
Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png 20
Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png 100
Affection levels
Level Affection XP to next level
1 15
2 30
3 30
4 35
5 35
6 35
7 40
8 40
9 40
10 60
11 90
12 105
13 120
14 140
15 160
16 180
17 205
18 230
19 255
20 285
21 315
22 345
23 375
24 410
25 445
26 480
27 520
28 560
29 600
30 645
31 690
32 735
33 780
34 830
35 880
36 930
37 985
38 1040
39 1095
40 1155
41 1215
42 1275
43 1335
44 1400
45 1465
46 1530
47 1600
48 1670
49 1740
50 1815
51 1890
52 1965
53 2040
54 2120
55 2200
56 2280
57 2365
58 2450
59 2535
60 2625
61 2715
62 2805
63 2895
64 2990
65 3085
66 3180
67 3280
68 3380
69 3480
70 3585
71 3690
72 3795
73 3900
74 4010
75 4120
76 4230
77 4345
78 4460
79 4575
80 4695
81 4815
82 4935
83 5055
84 5180
85 5305
86 5430
87 5560
88 5690
89 5820
90 5955
91 6090
92 6225
93 6360
94 6500
95 6640
96 6780
97 6925
98 7070
99 7215
100 7365


Gifts are the fastest way of increasing student Affection level. While students will accept any gifts, each has a preference for specific categories of gifts that they like, and one or more favorite gifts, that provide maximum amount of Affection points.

Holding a gift in the Cafe will make all present characters display how much they'd like it with following icons.

Beloved gift Favorite gift Likes this gift Normal
Gift SSR.png Gift Love.png Gift Like.png Gift Normal.png

So far, with 3-star gifts, the minimum preference for all students is upped one stage. Meaning, no student would have a Normal reaction for 3-star gifts.

Consequently, no 2-star gift would net a Beloved reaction.

Affection Values
Preference Icon star.pngIcon star.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png
Normal 20 60
Liked 40 120
Favorite 60 180
Beloved 80 240

List of all gifts[edit]

Icon Rarity Name Description Favorite gift Likes gift
Item Icon Favor 22.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png 30-Color Paint Set A professional paint set with tubes in a variety of thirty colors.
Time to go and paint the whole wide world!
Item Icon Favor 2.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png A-Pods Pro Wireless earphones that are all the rage among Kivotos students. A bit expensive to buy on a tight budget, since they retail for about three months of part-time pay.
Item Icon Favor 10.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Astronomical Telescope This astronomical telescope is deemed the standard for hobbyists by the Kivotos Astronomy Observatory.
Item Icon Favor 25.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Brain Teaser Puzzle Cube "If you can solve this, then you deserve your place at Millennium!" A puzzle cube for advanced users certified by the Millennium Science School.
Item Icon Favor 17.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Buried Treasure Map There's treasure out there somewhere!
A map of the sites where the three great gold treasures of Kivotos are supposed to be buried.
Item Icon Favor 5.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Cherry-Rose Lip Gloss A lip gloss with a subtle yet striking hue.
It's one of the hottest selling items among young ladies interested in beauty and grooming.
Item Icon Favor 23.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Classical Poetry Anthology An anthology of classical poetry. Very classy.
Provides all the sophistication of classical literature right at your fingertips.
Item Icon Favor 18.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Cosplayer Coke-Bottle Glasses Wear these to instantly look like a genius! Einstein's got nothing on you (in appearance, anyway)! ※ Note: Wearing these will not raise your IQ.
Item Icon Favor 24.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Cute Dishware Set A dishware set painted with adorable animal characters.
This product has made the top ten list of best selling dishware in Kivotos year after year.
Item Icon Favor 31.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Embroidered Handkerchief An exquisitely embroidered handkerchief.
Item Icon Favor 32.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Encyclopedia From "that tie thing" for tying bread bags to "the grass thing" that goes in bento boxes, everything you ever wanted to read about can be found right here.
Item Icon Favor 29.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Extravagant Gilded Jar of Greed An obviously exorbitant-looking jar gilt with gold leaf.
Watch out for counterfeits!
Item Icon Favor Lv2 8.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Fine Maple Bonsai Just looking at this top-quality maple bonsai is calming. The ever-changing leaves, shifting with the seasons as if they were changing clothes, create an air of elegance.
Item Icon Favor 3.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Forbidden Love ~Beautiful Sin~ The latest work from the popular romance novelist who wrote "Koi About Love"!
Delve into a dizzying tale of forbidden love!
Item Icon Favor 11.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Gamegirl Color Replica "Life is your arcade!"
Go wild with retromania with this vintage reproduction of the classic Gamegirl Color.
Item Icon Favor 6.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Glassy Glow BB Cream A hit product from the luxury cosmetics brand "Samuela."
This BB cream brightens and evens out skin tone and provides a natural finish for a healthy glow.
Item Icon Favor 9.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Guns, Charm, and Zeal Guns, charm, and zeal!
The bestselling book of the year investigates and analyzes the origins and roots of Kivotos pop culture.
Item Icon Favor SSR 2.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Hatsune Miku photo card A special photo card distributed Hatsune Miku's live concert in Kivotos. The concert was a great success, and it became a rare item that any Hatsune Miku fan would want.
This is a special event gift, it will be treated as favorite when given to any student.
Item Icon Favor 33.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Health Food Supplement Feel rejuvenated with just one bite!
This supplement is the perfect gift for your special someone.
Item Icon Favor 4.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Hitgirls Gaming Magazine Stay up to date on the latest releases, strategies for classic games, new gaming merch and everything in between—this magazine covers it all!
Item Icon Favor Lv2 5.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png I-book Rare A famous laptop computer featured on the "Top 3 Electronic Devices Most Wanted by Students in Kivotos". Quite a luxury item. Everyone wants it! But it is so expensive!
Item Icon Favor 14.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Jellies Cushion The star of "Fruitjellies" is back! In cushion form! They've managed to recreate the concept of a jelly eating another jelly of the same color in great detail!
Item Icon Favor 15.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Jumping Detective Rabbit ~A trip through the misty hot springs~ Whenever there's a case, these snow-white bunny ears are sure to crack it! Volume 3 of the Extraordinary Cottontail Detective series! The stage is set at the hot springs!
Item Icon Favor Lv2 0.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Lace Pillow Lace pillow made of luxury materials. The design looks simple at first glance, but it literally contains the dreams of girls.
Item Icon Favor 26.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Large Whole Cake The mere sight of this massive cake is enough to satisfy the senses.
Its caloric info is detailed underneath.
Item Icon Favor 27.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Luxury Buffet Ticket This ticket grants access to a luxury buffet operated by the best chef in all of Kivotos.
As you might expect, it's very expensive.
Item Icon Favor 8.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Luxury Cookie Set Schrödinger's set of exquisite luxury cookies. There is a good chance that something else will be inside instead of the cookies. Contents can not be confirmed unless the box is opened.
Item Icon Favor 12.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png MX-Ration C-Type Dessert Flavor Calories equal Combat Power!
Item Icon Favor 13.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Matcha Ramune A matcha-flavored carbonated soft drink.
Green and refreshing!
Item Icon Favor 7.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Military Camo Foundation Trio A hit product from luxury cosmetics brand "Samuela."
It provides lightweight camouflage capabilities that melt into your skin! Be camo-ready any time, any place!
Item Icon Favor Lv2 4.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Mille-Feuille Traditional Parfait A parfait sold at the famous confectionery shop Cafe Mille-Feuille in Trinity. The harmony of pastry, syrup, whipped cream, and fruits piled on top of soft ice cream is truly historic!
Item Icon Favor 21.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Movie Ticket "Snuggle up with your special someone and watch a movie!" This movie ticket is accepted at any theater, and admits two people!
Item Icon Favor Lv2 10.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Music Concert Ticket Admission ticket to regularly scheduled concerts in Kivotos. From classical to the latest popular music. The perfect gift for anyone who loves a variety of music of any kind.
Item Icon Favor Lv2 7.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Nutrient-rich Multivitamin Jellies Gummy candy that is enriched with vitamins. Contains an assortment of fruit-flavored jellies and is fun to eat. Be careful you don't eat the whole pack before even noticing it!
Item Icon Favor 1.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Peroro Wheel The ninth product of the smash hit Momo Friends collaboration line-up. This Peroro-shaped exercise equipment is this year's most popular fitness accessory!
Item Icon Favor 28.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Potted Bug-Eating Plant A potted plant that's popular among those with eccentric taste. Apparently, the way it devours insects is cuter than you'd think.
Item Icon Favor Lv2 3.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Retro Jewelled Egg A jewelled egg with beautiful jewels and geometric patterns on an oval body. Of course, even if you kept it warm, no chick will ever hatch.
Item Icon Favor 16.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Ring Bit "Make fitness fun with games!" This exercise equipment uses an O-ring to make working out at home easy and fun whether for strength training or slimming down!
Item Icon Favor Lv2 2.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Samuela "The Beyond" The finest perfume released by the luxury cosmetics manufacturer "Samuela".
It is a super-hit work famous for the catchphrase "Try it once and wear its charm", and it is one of the 12 masterpieces of Samuela made by the rare genius perfumer "The Beyond"...
Item Icon Favor Lv2 9.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Sewing Kit An expert's sewing kit with a selection of necessary tools for all kinds of situations. With this, if your clothes get ripped or your socks get holes, no problem!
Item Icon Favor SSR 1.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Shiny Bouquet A crystal bouquet perfect for giving to a special someone.
It sparkles like a kaleidoscope in the light.
This is a special event gift, it will be treated as favorite when given to any student.
Item Icon Favor Lv2 1.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Street of Yankees Volume 1 The first volume of the Street of Yankees series, a popular work famous for the "We have nothing but duty and guts!" line. You wouldn't think this from the cover, but the series got a lot of favorable reviews, citing primarily that the main character is surprisingly cute.
Item Icon Favor Lv2 6.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Stylish Comb A compact comb with a luxurious and fashionable design. Popular as a gift.
Item Icon Favor 34.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Summer Tube It's summer! To the beach!
A safety device for swimmers of all experience levels. Ready for anything with its cute and fancy design!
Item Icon Favor 20.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Teddy Bear with Bow An ordinary but absolutely darling teddy bear.
A popular product among students who love all things cute and adorable.
Item Icon Favor Lv2 12.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png "The Life" Board Game An entertaining board game where you can get a job, win a lottery, and even travel to space. Just like life, every dice roll leaves you just one step short of your goal.
Item Icon Favor Lv2 11.png Icon star.pngIcon star.pngIcon star.png Thrice-a-day Dumbbell Set A set of dumbbells of various weights. Use it three times a day. Build nice muscles by repeating your workout in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening!
Item Icon Favor 0.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Wavecat Pillow The seventh product of the smash hit Momo Friends collaboration line-up! This Wavecat-shaped pillow is this year's third most popular bedding item.
Item Icon Favor 30.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png Wind-Up Music Box An fancy solid-wood music box with vintage charm.
Very popular among collectors.
Item Icon Favor 19.png Icon star.pngIcon star.png World's Most Useless Gadget Absolutely useless, but cute! Still, it's completely pointless. And yet, its cuteness totally makes up for it! This trinket is among the top five best toys to give to a special friend.