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Cost10 AP
Rec. Level62



First Clear Cross Choker BlueprintVeronica Embroidered Badge BlueprintCross Blueprint
Main Drops Cross Choker Blueprint60.0%Veronica Embroidered Badge Blueprint45.0%Cross Blueprint45.0%
Other Drops Bluetooth Necklace10.0%Snowflake Pendant Blueprint20.0%Serval Metal Badge7.5%Manaslu Felt Badge Blueprint15.0%Traffic Safety Amulet7.5%Heat Pack Blueprint15.0%Credits200~800


  • Setup
    • Boss Team left. (4 battles, Mystic/Piercing)
    • Sweep Team right. (1 battle, Piercing)
  • Turn 1
    • Move Sweep Team up and teleport.
    • Swap Boss Team with Sweep Team, and attack enemy above.
  • Turn 2
    • Attack enemy right of Boss Team.
    • Move Sweep Team down and teleport.
  • Turn 3
    • Move Boss Team right.
    • Attack enemy above Sweep Team.
  • Turn 4
    • Move Boss Team right.
    • Move Sweep Team left.
    • (Enemy to the left will be despawned by disappearing tile.)
    • (Boss Team will be attacked by enemy to the right, then by boss for a 4-turn clear.)

400 second challenge

  • Don't attack with Sweep Team on Turn 3.
  • Try to finish each battle in under 100 seconds average. The third battle may take longer due to type disadvantage, so try to save time by clearing the first two battles quickly.