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Outputs an inline icon.




Where it makes sense for attached text to be wrapped into the same span tag as the icon:

This icon wraps additional {{Icon|Indoor|text=arbitrary text}} into its own span

This icon wraps additional Indoor arbitrary text into its own span

Icon size[edit]

Use optional size parameter to specify icon size in pixels if needed:



Icon names reference[edit]

Location types[edit]

Indoor Indoor

Outdoor Outdoor

Urban Urban

Other icons[edit]

Files beginning with `Icon_` can be referenced by their name following that

{{Icon|Cover|title=Uses cover|text=Uses Icon_Cover.png|size=24}}
{{Icon|Nocover|title=Uses cover|text=Uses Icon_Nocover.png|size=24}}

Uses cover Uses Icon_Cover.png

Uses cover Uses Icon_Nocover.png

Complete filename can also be provided to render any image