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Where do I get the game?[edit]

Both the Global and JP versions of the game can be downloaded from the Google Playstore if Android or the Appstore if iOS on your mobile device. Note that the JP version of the game is region locked to Japan so you will need to download the game using a third party appstore such as qooapp or download the apk of it. Game also supports Emulator usage so you can download the game and play using a emulator such as Bluestacks or LDplayer.

When does the server reset?[edit]

Server reset happens at 04:00 AM JST time or 19:00 UTC for both the Japanese and Global versions of the game.

What is Rerolling? Should I reroll?[edit]

Rerolling is when you reset your account after doing your initial gacha pulls before starting the game. This is process can be very time consuming as you are at the mercy of the gacha RNG. This is often done by people who want a head start in the game and can afford to spend the time required to do so. If you have the time to do so and want a head start in the game then it is recommended you do so but the game is perfectly playable and able to be completed without having to reroll.

For more information on how to reroll or who to reroll for, please check Rerolling

Please make sure to bind your account to a service or you will lose it

How do banner pities work?[edit]

The pity system in Blue Archive works in the way that you can guarantee one of the rate up characters by doing 200 rolls on it. This counter will not reset until the end of the banner but choosing to exchange your points for a rate up character will subtract 200 rolls from it. Keep in mind this counter will reset to zero at the end of every banner and does not carry over. Also worth noting the standard banner does not have a pity system so you will not rack up points by rolling on it.

What is the best way to level my account?[edit]

Stamina and Account level are 1:1 no matter what so good places to spend AP are events, farming for things you need such as equipments for your characters or progressing on story. Don't be focused on trying to 3-star every stage early on and go as far as you can even if it's only 1-star clears for the sake of progression and advancing because you can go back later and get a full clear. Also worth mentioning that using your Pyroxene on AP refreshes during 2x campaign drops or 3x campaign drops is highly worth it but the value of refreshes drops every time the price increases so stick to doing only 3 refreshes a day if unsure. Of course, spending too much might be a bad idea if you are saving for a particular unit so please use your judgement and resource management abilities to decide when its best to do so.

How do I get more student backgrounds?[edit]

The special Memorial Lobby image for each student is obtained by increasing their affection via tapping them on the Cafe, tapping them on Schedule or giving them gifts. Doing so will increase their affection and you will be given the ability to text them using the MomoTalk system and you will be rewarded with their special Memorial Lobby image at a certain affection level that varies from character to character.

What is the Cafe?[edit]

See Cafe

How does Crafting work?[edit]

See Crafting

What is Eligma?[edit]

'Eligma' is the name given to the purple pieces you get when you roll the gacha. You will get Eligma and character specific eligmas. The generic purple ones can be spent in the shop for character specific Eligma but note you can only buy in batches of 20 before the cost increases by 1, capping at 5 per 1 Character specific Eligma. Character Specific Eligmas can be used to rank up characters and rank up their Unique Equipments once they are at Five-stars. Be extremely wise on how you use this limited resource because it is one of your most important resources, second only to your gacha currency. If you don't know what to do with them or or are unsure then ask around and be really sure you want to do that because you can only obtain more by rolling the gacha. Note that you can only use the generic Eligma pieces to buy pieces of characters you own.

What should I buy in the shops?[edit]

In the credit shop, it's recommended to buy out all the mats and equipment orbs if you can afford it. In the Total Assault shop, you want to get most of these characters to at least 5* and some to max UE. For information on who to prioritize, please consult an up to date meta guide or ask experienced users in a community. In the PVP shop, buy out the Energy drinks during a campaign or event where you want to be able to farm a lot. Else, save your PVP coins until this occasion.

Should I join a club?[edit]

Joining a club is extremely recommended because you will be able to borrow students from the club and this will make all the difference in the world for the harder content in the game so make sure to join a good club if you can.

Why can't I find my friends club?[edit]

Assuming you did not mistype the name, global servers are sub-divided into three. You can check yours by clicking on Menu, Account then version info. If you want to play with your friends then make sure this matches with theirs or else you will not be able to.

What is the Anniversary in account settings?[edit]

You can set your birthday here and characters will wish you a happy birthday on this day. Tap on them to receive a special birthday line available only this day. Every character has a different line.

What is this rainbow Secret tech sheet?[edit]

It's the material used to raise a student's skill to Level 10.

Is it worth doing the raid if I'm weak?[edit]

Yes. Always do content and push until you're comfortable doing. Higher stages and difficulties tend to be better but don't sweat it and stick to what you can comfortably clear.

Can I claim the Limited Students through exchanging Expert Permits? How often does the Expert Permit shop resets?[edit]

You can't claim limited students via this method, you need to have pulled them first because these eligmas can only be used to rank them up. This shop resets monthly but keep in mind you can only obtain currency for this shop when you are at max level.

How do I build my first team?[edit]

A team is normally comprised of Tank + 3 damage dealer characters.

So for example, a starter newbie team could be Tsubaki followed by Mutsuki , Akari and Serika to clear red stages.

Make sure to pay attention to character typing. You want to match the enemy's armor color to your character's attack color. Enemies in the game largely deal neutral damage so you don't have to worry until their armor color until much later.

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