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Tactical Challenge Screen

Tactical Challenge is the Player versus Player mode of Blue Archive. It is unlocked once you clear world 6-1 on the main story maps and it puts your team versus the enemy team. It is often recommended to unlock this mode as soon as you can and attempt to climb using refreshes as far as you can until you can't climb anymore.

The blue button to the left allows you to see your battle history of who you attacked and who attacked you while the blue button to the right allows you to set up a defense team. This is really important so make sure to constantly update your defense team if you level your units and their skills because players in this mode will be fighting whatever team you set up here.

You will also see two yellow buttons here with the top one being to collect credits. You can see how many credits you are generating per minute and how many credits you have stored up. If you press the button then you will collect all stored credits and add them to your total, remember to do this every day. The yellow button below it is to collect PVP rewards for the day and this button will only light up once a day at 14:00 JST. The rewards that you can collect by clicking this button depends on your current rank so it is recommended to do all your PVP battles and then press it to collect rewards based on your current rank. PVP coins can be spent in the Shop.

To the right, you will see three players at random from the people you can attack. You can only see their team leader and supports, the rest is only visible after you attack them from your battle history menu. Clicking on the top right button will refresh this list and clicking on a player will take you to the preparations screen where you can set up your team that will attack the player. This team is different from your story teams and defense teams so pick what units you want to use to attack and then attack. The battle will be an AI vs AI fight with zero player input or control with the result being determined the moment you pressed attack. If you lose connection or quit before the match is over then you will be awarded a win or defeat based on the calculated result of the match without it affecting the outcome.


  • First time Rewards
    Highest Record Reward
    1st-10th ×50
    11th to 100th ×8
    101st-500th ×5
    501st to 1,000th ×2
    1,100-3,000th ×40 for every 100th place
    3,000-7,000th ×40 for every 500th place
    7,000 to 15,000 ×40 for every 1,000th place
  • Daily Rewards
    Current Rank Reward
    1st ×45 - ×125
    2nd ×40 - ×120
    3rd ~ 10th ×35 - ×110
    11 ~ 100th ×30 - ×100
    101 ~ 200th ×25 - ×90
    201 ~ 500th ×20 - ×80
    501 ~ 1000th ×18 - ×70
    1001 ~ 2000th ×16 - ×60
    2001 ~ 4000th ×14 - ×50
    4001 ~ 8000th ×12 - ×40
    8000 ~ 15000th ×10 - ×30
  • Credit Gain
    Current Rank Reward (credit)
    1st + 120 / min
    2nd + 110 / min
    3rd ~ 10th + 100 / min
    11 ~ 100th + 90 / min
    101 ~ 200th + 80 / min
    201 ~ 500th + 70 / min
    501 ~ 1000th + 60 / min
    1001 ~ 2000th + 50 / min
    2001 ~ 4000th + 40 / min
    4001 ~ 8000th + 35 / min
    8000 ~ 15000th + 30 / min
  • Combat Rewards
    Task Reward
    Winning a battle ×1000
    Successful Defense ×3
  • Seasons[edit]

    Tactical Challenge seasons feature different environments, and rewards for the highest attained seasonal ranking are reset when the season changes.

    Tactical Challenge seasons (JP server)
    Start date Season No.
    2021/02/04 Season 1 Urban
    2021/08/26 Season 2 Outdoor
    2021/12/15 Season 3 Indoor
    2022/09/07 Season 4 Urban
    2023/04/05 Season 5 Outdoor
    2023/11/08 Season 6 Indoor
    2024/05/08 Season 7 Urban

    Special Rules[edit]

    Season 7 announcement

    Season 7 arena brings a special mechanic:

    • A certain period of time after start of the battle, a bombardment area will be formed in the center of the arena. Afterwards, students within the area will be bombarded with a debuff that reduces the healing effects received from allies. (This debuff effect persists until the end of the battle)
    • When entering the FEVER time, the debuff effect will be changed.
      • Normal effect: Reduced healing effects received from allies
      • FEVER mode: Defense and Evasion decreased