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Where do I get the game?[edit source]

The game can be downloaded from the Google Playstore or the iOS Appstore.

If the game shows that it is incompatible with your devices or unavaliable in your region then you might want to use a 3rd party Appstore like Qooapp or sideload the APK using a trusted APK downloader site.

You can also play the game using an Android emulator like Nox, Bluestacks, Memu or LDPlayer to play the game if you don't own an Android/iOS device.

Why is the game in Japanese? Is there no English version?[edit source]

Global version launched on November 8th.


Can I play the game if I don't know any Japanese?[edit source]

Yes, the game is easy to navigate if you don't know Japanese and this wiki aims to make the experience easier.

What is Rerolling? Should I do it?[edit source]

Rerolling is the act of restarting your game and wiping your game data until you get your desired start or a set of units you like. There are a few known methods to do this:

Rerolling with Salted Email on a Phone (no clear data)[edit source]

First, log in with a guest account. Complete the tutorial and then collect all rewards from your mailbox then use those rewards to roll more. If you like what you got then you can start playing but if you don't then you can bind the account to Yostar using a 'Salted Email'. This involves putting a + after your email so your email becomes myemail+text@gmail.com. That text can be numbers, letters or anything you want.

After that, go back to the title screen then click the bottom left button and log in with a guest account again. Your previous account should be gone and the guest account should be a fresh account so you can repeat this process until you achieve your desired start.

The menu to link accounts can be found by going to the title screen and pressing the button located at the top right corner of the screen then press the icon that has a student card on it. You will see two lines that say "Yostar" and "Twitter" so just press the button to the right of those lines to link to that service. Press the button again and follow the instructions to unlink from that service.

Binding to Yostar will ask you to write your email on the text box at the top then press the blue button in that pop-up to send a verification code to your email. Write the code you got on the textbox located at the bottom then confirm to bind your account to Yostar. You will be able to confirm your account was successfully bound if your e-mail is shown next to the field where it says "Yostar".

NOTE: This method (sadly) does not work for the international Nexon version of the game; Nexon account creation rejects salted emails as invalid. You will need a valid email account each time you create a new Nexon account. However, there is now a "reset account" button just below the bind account button in the Accounts menu once you bind to a Nexon account; if you are absolutely certain you wish to dispose of the current content of the account, you may select this option to reset the account to a pristine state and reroll. You may do this as many times as you wish, but a reset account cannot be reverted.

Rerolling with Twitter link[edit source]

Similar to the above method but instead of linking your data to a Yostar account, you will be linking it to your Twitter account then unlinking it by pressing the same button and repeating the process to link it.

Rerolling with Emulator/Rooted phone[edit source]

Same as the above two but instead of linking your guest data to anything, you will delete it by navigating to "/data/data/com/YostarJP.BlueArchive/shared_prefs" on your emulator and delete "airisdk_shared.xml" whenever you want to clear the current account.

If you want to keep an account but don't want to link it to a service then you can generate a transfer code instead.

Who or What am I rerolling for?[edit source]

Characters that make you happy, characters you want or characters that will help you advance faster. Keep in mind that the meta for the game will constantly change so try to aim for characters that will keep you playing for longer instead of characters you don't like but are aiming for because they're considered good. It's better to find a happy medium between characters you like and characters that are good at gameplay and will help you advance faster.

Consider reading Reroll targets for an overview of units that have been proven to stay relevant to half-anniversary and beyond.

I got an account I like, now what?[edit source]

Now it's time to clear main stages as far as you can. Nearly everything is locked until you finish the stage that unlocks it so make sure to push story until you get stuck then improve your team until you can push through.

Important milestones are 3-5, 6-1, 6-5, 9-5 and 12-5. 3,6,9 and 12-5 unlock Cafe upgrades that improve your Credit/Stamina regen per hour while 6-1 unlocks the PVP feature. It's not confirmed how PVP works but it is thought by many that the optimal way to progress is to rush to 6-1 as fast as you can to unlock PVP then refresh PVP attempts to climb until you can't beat anyone anymore, hopefully obtaining #1 in the process.

Help! I'm stuck! How do I get stronger?[edit source]

For starters, make sure you made a proper team. A proper team for missions consists of one tank character, three damage dealers and two support slots. Normally you bring 1-2 healers in the support slots but you can ditch the 2nd healer and bring someone else if you don't need all that healing.

You will also want to keep in mind the Weapon triangle and bring the correct type versus the type of enemy you are fighting.

Normal Explosion Penetration Mystic Siege
Light Armor Neutral Weak to Resists Neutral Resists
Heavy Armor Normal Normal Weak to Resists Resists
Special Armor Normal Resists Normal Weak to Resists
Structure Resists Resists Resists Resists Weak to

From the above table, we can see the game works on a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors format. A good way to remember the triangle is to simply match the color and bring Red units versus Red armor, Yellow units versus Yellow armor and Blue units versus Blue armor.

Good 2* and below tanks are Yuuka and Tsubaki. Both of these go beyond good and are among the best tanks you can get.

Good Explosion damage at 2* and below would be Mutsuki, Akari and Serika

Good Penetration damage at 2* and below would be Nonomi, Junko and Pina.

Good Mystic damage at 2* and below would be Chise.

Remember to keep your units leveled because their max level is limited to your account level and try to get them their Equipment if you are able because the last tier of equipment makes a huge difference.

At what time is the server reset?[edit source]

Server daily reset is at 4 AM JST. On the home screen there is a clock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen showing the current time in JST.

What is Crafting? What things should I prioritize when Crafting?[edit source]

A more detailed explanation of what is Crafting can be found in it's own page but for Priorities, you want to go for Furniture until you reach maximum 'Comfy' stat for your dorms then Gifts for your girls and then everything else.

What is Affinity?[edit source]

Each character has a separate "Affinity" stat for each of the three environments currently in the game (Urban, Outdoor and Indoor).

A character's affinity for a particular environment affects both the amount of damage they deal and the effectiveness of hiding behind cover in that environment. This means that certain characters are more suited to combat in certain environments, and vice versa.

The table below details the damage modifier and effectiveness of cover for each possible affinity value. Note that SS SS isn't normally present from the beginning, and can only be reached through unique weapon offsets.

 IconDamage modifierEffectiveness of cover

I'm playing global version of the game, what's our upcoming banner?[edit source]

Consult Banner List (Gacha) to get a basic idea of upcoming banners. Global version appears to be following broadly the same banner sequence, albeit with some timing changes.