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Limit Break Assault (制約解除決戦) is a monthly rotating game mode that has players face a challenging boss battle. This game mode serves as a primary source of new Training WB items used for the Potential Unlock system.

Battle section and stage selection


Progression is broken up into 5 sections, with multiple stages per sections. Once a section has been unlocked, players are free to attempt a battle at any stage within that section. Successfully beating a higher difficulty stage will additionally provide clear rewards of the previous stages. Clearing the final stage unlocks the following section.

  • Players must have cleared Mission 5-1
  • Entering battles does not consume APAP
  • Unlike other content, larger team of 10 students (6 Strikers, 4 Special) can be deployed. 5 EX skill cards will be accessible, and the Cost cap is raised to 20.
  • Battle needs to be cleared by a single team, unlike Raid and Elimination Raid modes.
  • A single character can be borrowed from players' friend and clubmates list.

Limit Break Raid list[edit]

Raid name Challenge Period Season Notes


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