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Raid battle screen for "Chesed"

The total war system (Also commonly referred to as Raid) has you challenge bosses of different difficulties using tickets and is unlocked after clearing world 4-1. You get three tickets a day and can only hold 3 at a time so it is important to do your daily raids whenever this event is around. The available boss varies depending on season and event but they will always come with five difficulties being NORMAL, HARD, VERY HARD, HARDCORE and EXTREME.

In this mode, you can use several teams to defeat the raid boss but you will be scored based on how long it took you to kill the boss and how many teams you used to kill it. Teams you use will be locked with all the units in that team being unavailable for use after their timer runs out or they die in battle so you will have to use different characters for each team. You can choose to start a practice battle to fight the boss and get used to the fight by selecting a difficulty then pressing the blue button to not consume a ticket or you can use the other button to consume a ticket and start a battle.

Once you have started a battle, you will be prompted to select a team then fight the boss with said team and a timer of 60 minutes will start ticking. If you lose connection during the middle of a battle or crash then the game will make it so that battle never happened and you can reuse that team but the timer will still be ticking. This means you can't leave these battles for later or lose connection then restart the battle hours later because the timer will have reached zero and automatically count that battle as a defeat. Keep in mind that quitting a battle via the menu will count as a defeat and count as if that team died in battle, making it unusable. Locked teams will be available for use again after the timer reaches zero, the player manually quits the raid or you defeat the boss.

Raid List
Raid name Period Notes
Decagrammaton: Binah Outdoor 02/15/2021 ~ 02/21/2021 Beta version
Decagrammaton: Chesed Indoor 03/11/2021 ~ 03/17/2021 Beta version
Slumpia: ShiroKuro Urban 03/25/2021 ~ 03/31/2021 Introduction of the Ranking System and corresponding rewards based on rank
Decagrammaton: Binah Urban 04/08/2021 ~ 04/14/2021
Decagrammaton: Chesed Outdoor 04/29/2021 ~ 05/05/2021
Slumpia: ShiroKuro Urban 05/13/2021 ~ 05/19/2021
Communio Sanctorum: Hieronymus Indoor 05/27/2021 ~ 06/03/2021 First introduction of Extreme Difficulty
Decagrammaton: Binah Outdoor 06/10/2021 ~ 06/16/2021
Communio Sanctorum: Hieronymus Indoor 06/24/2021 ~ 06/27/2021 Emergency raid # 1
Slumpia: ShiroKuro Indoor 06/30/2021 ~ 07/07/2021
Decagrammaton: Chesed Indoor 07/15/2021 ~ 07/21/2021
Kaitenger: KAITEN FX Mk.0 Outdoor 07/29/2021 ~ 08/04/2021
Slumpia: ShiroKuro Urban 08/12/2021 ~ 08/18/2021
Communio Sanctorum: Hieronymus Urban 08/26/2021 ~ 09/01/2021
Decagrammaton: Chesed Outdoor 09/09/2021 ~ 09/15/2021
Communio Sanctorum: Hieronymus Urban 09/23/2021 ~ 09/26/2021 Emergency raid # 2
Kaitenger: KAITEN FX Mk.0 Outdoor 09/29/2021 ~ 10/05/2021
Slumpia: ShiroKuro Indoor 10/12/2021 ~ 10/19/2021