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The Schedule (also known as Lesson) is the system in which you raise affection or relationship points with while also gaining BDs and Tech Notes.

Screen shown when clicking on Schedule

Click on the Schedule button and you will see the screen on the right. At the top left corner of the screen, you can see how many tickets you have to advance the Schedule and at the right you can see a list of Schools and their respective rank. The number of tickets given per day can be increased when the Schools reach certain combined ranks. +1 ticket per day is given at the combined ranks of 10, 25, 50, and 80. This means that you can reach a maximum of 7 tickets per day. An extra ticket can also be bought in the daily shop for 30 pyroxene.

After clicking on a school, you will see a screen with icons of students and a bar at the top right. Selecting an icon from the ones shown will consume a ticket, increase affection with the shown students, and possibly give other rewards shown beforehand like books or shards of that student. The rank bar at the top right will also increase by 100 with every schedule you select in that particular school. New areas can be unlocked as you rank up.

The following table displays the drop rates of schedules for locations at max rank. Schale Office (シャーレオフィス) and Schale Residence Hall (シャーレ居住区) share the same rates but Schale Office will have Type A drops which includes drops from the schools: Gehenna, Shanhaijing, Trinity, Valkyrie, and Arius. Alternatively, Shale Residence Hall will have Type B drops and includes: Hyakkiyako, Red Winter, Abydos, and Millennium. For the other locations, their drops will be of their respective schools. At max rank, every location has a 12% chance of dropping the visiting student's shard. Currently, schedules have the highest drop rates for farming Tier 4 BDs and Skill books.

  • Schale Office (Type A) / Residence Hall (Type B)
    Location Tier BD Chance Skill Book Chance BD Picker Chance Skill Book Picker Chance
    1-2 1 18.15% 72.58% 8.94% 35.75%
    3-4 2 14.52% 58.07% 7.15% 28.60%
    5-6 3 10.89% 43.55% 5.36% 21.45%
    7 4 7.26% 29.03% 3.59% 14.30%

  • Gehenna Hub / Abydos Main Building / Millennium Study Center / Trinity Plaza Area / Red Winter Federal Academy
    Location Tier BD Chance Skill Book Chance
    1-2 1 27.08% 100.00%
    3-4 2 21.67% 86.67%
    5-6 3 16.25% 65.00%
    7-8 4 10.83% 43.33%

    Credits to Noxy#8299 and アイザヱー#6944 for data