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Blue Archive is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Nexon Games (formerly known as NAT Games) in South Korea. Game uses gacha game mechanics for obtaining characters as the primary monetization method.


Japanese version Global version
Google Play Store Google Play Store Google Play Store (Teen)
iOS Appstore iOS Appstore iOS Appstore (Teen)
QooApp (popular sideload method) QooApp

Japanese version[edit]

Japanese version of the game was launched in February of 2021 and is operated by Yostar. This version is available only in Japanese language, and the app is not published in mobile app stores for other regions. Anyone can still play the game outside of Japan, provided they sideload the app.

Global version[edit]

Global version of the game launched in November of 2021 and is run on several regional non-interconnected servers. This version is available in English, Korean, Thai, and Chinese languages. Similar to Japanese version not being published globally, this version is not normally available in Japan; additionally connections from Japanese IP-addresses seem to be restricted by global servers.

In November 2022, a slightly censored Teen-rated version of the client was published. This version operates on the same servers and can be used interchangeably with the regular client to play on the same game account. Several Memorial Lobbies were altered to secure lower age rating.

What server should I start on?[edit]

If you can't read Japanese, global version of the game is likely the better pick. Global version is roughly 6 months behind in content compared with the Japanese version and has the advantage of foresight since players can know banners months ahead.

Global regional servers are North America, Europe (Global), Asia, TW/HK, and Korea. Be aware that Korean server is known to be particularly competitive compared to other regions, while others are typically pretty laid-back.

Playing on PC[edit]

The game has no dedicated PC client, but emulation is possible. Android emulators such as MuMu Player and BlueStacks are able to run the game, though some may have compatibility issues. Here are some possible emulators for the game:

Emulator Download link
BlueStack 5

First steps[edit]

What is Rerolling? Should I reroll?[edit]

Rerolling is when you reset your account after doing initial gacha pulls, before actually committing to playing on any given account. This process can be very time consuming as you are at the mercy of the gacha RNG. This is often done by people who want a head start in the game and can afford to spend the time required to do so. If you have the time to do so and want a head start in the game then it is recommended you do so but the game is perfectly playable and able to be completed without having to reroll.

For more information on how to reroll or who to reroll for, please check Rerolling and Reroll targets.

I got an account I like, now what?[edit]

Now it's time to clear main Missions stages as far as you can. Nearly everything is locked until you finish the stage that unlocks it so make sure to push story until you get stuck then improve your team until you can push through.

Important milestones are 3-5, 6-1, 6-5, 9-5 and 12-5. 3,6,9 and 12-5 unlock early Cafe upgrades that improve your Credit/Stamina regen per hour while 6-1 unlocks the Tactical Challenge (PVP) feature.

Eventually just running one team of starter students will become unfeasible, continue to Combat basics for an explanation on how to advance from there.

There's an event going on and I just started[edit]

Events typically require players to have cleared area 2-3; after getting access to the event see how far you can clear event stages and decide on how to split your AP between clearing main Missions and the event. Events are typically well worth doing, rewards-wise, even if you can only clear the first 4 Quest stages.