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Databases, Resources, and Planners[edit]

Name and Link Purpose Author
Justin163's Student and Resource Planner A site to assist with planning your student progression and managing your resources Justin163#4337
Pyroxene Planner Google Sheet to manage your Pyroxene income and plan your gacha pulls HerztInYou#8459
Justin163's Event Planner Planner for upcoming global events Justin163#4337
SchaleGG Complete Interactive Game Database lonqie#2708
ItJustWorks' Library of Stats and Formulas A complete documentation on known game formulae Causew#5130
Developer's Twitter Link to the official game Twitter account

Beginner Guides[edit]

Name and Link Purpose Author
Life's Tirade from Gameplay Help A google doc which answers common beginner FAQs of Gameplay-Help channels Life#8380
Blue Archive - General Wisdom and Advice Locher#0170

Gacha/Banner Guidance[edit]

Name and Link Purpose Author
Midokuni's Student Insights Banner by Banner analysis of the general worth of students Midokuni#0001
Stokkie's Banner Guide Stokesia#0932
Xeno's Banner Guide Xeno#0970


Name and Link Purpose Author
Blue Archive General Raid Strategy Guide Causew#5130
Blue Archive Insane Raid Guide Causew#5130
Stokesia's Raid Tier List Raid by Raid analysis of the worth of students Stokesia#0932
Comprehensiven't Blue Archive PvP Guide Causew#5130
Bricc Archive Student Skill Level Guide Folie#3334
Centroids and How the AI Aims Midokuni#0001
Raid Score Calculation by Difficulty ElaineBelloc#7775
Blue Archive PvP Usage Tier List Causew#5130