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Databases, Resources, and Planners[edit]

Name and Link Purpose Author
Justin163's Student and Resource Planner A site to assist with planning your student progression and managing your resources Justin163#4337
Pyroxene Planner Google Sheet to manage your Pyroxene income and plan your gacha pulls HerztInYou#8459
Justin163's Event Planner Planner for upcoming global events Justin163#4337
SchaleGG Complete Interactive Game Database lonqie#2708
ItJustWorks' Library of Stats and Formulas A complete documentation on known game formulae Causew#5130
Developer's Twitter Link to the official game Twitter account

Beginner Guides[edit]

Name and Link Purpose Author
Life's Tirade from Gameplay Help A google doc which answers common beginner FAQs of Gameplay-Help channels Life#8380
Blue Archive - General Wisdom and Advice Locher#0170

Gacha/Banner Guidance[edit]

Name and Link Purpose Author
Hina Loves Midokuni Multiple student insights aggregated into one website.

Including Midokuni's Student Insights and Stokkie's Banner Guide

Midokuni's Student Insights Banner by Banner analysis of the general worth of students midokuni
Stokkie's Banner Guide stokesia
Xeno's Banner Guide Xeno#0970


Name and Link Purpose Author
Blue Archive General Raid Strategy Guide Causew#5130
Blue Archive Insane Raid Guide Causew#5130
Stokesia's Raid Tier List Raid by Raid analysis of the worth of students Stokesia#0932
Comprehensiven't Blue Archive PvP Guide Causew#5130
Bricc Archive Student Skill Level Guide Folie#3334
Centroids and How the AI Aims Midokuni#0001
Raid Score Calculation by Difficulty ElaineBelloc#7775
Blue Archive PvP Usage Tier List Causew#5130