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Welcome to BA Global Events!
We’ll keep this page updated for every current event. You may have to wait until the day it starts. If guides still aren’t posted by then, or you see issues, contact “7thfrequency” or “Graplo” on discord.

Event Restoration Work in D.U. Shiratori Ward.jpg

Justin’s event planner[edit]

  • Justin’s event planner and how to use it.
    • Calculates the most optimal farming route. Helps you decide if adding more AP is worthwhile.
  • Calculating in the middle of an event, the Owned tab:
    • Set your current event currency amounts here, and update the shop by removing purchases you have already made. The planner will switch to calculating based on the remaining days left in the event.
    • Currently, the energy from the weekly quest/Arona login doesn't get reduced.
    • Up to one day's worth of natural regen (10/h) and cafe regen isn't included.

Video event guides[edit]

Reddit event guide[edit]

Event overview[edit]

Drop rates, enemy levels[edit]

  • Use to check the enemies’ true levels, which is what affects the level penalty.
    • > Stages > Events > pick the event > look at stages (pick rerun if it’s a repeat event).
  • Drop rates are also listed (they’re in Justin’s planner on the Stages tab too).


  • See the event overview link above, challenges section.
  • Vuhn Ch’s challenge videos.
  • YouTube is your best friend. You may need to use broad search terms, or the name of the event, like “Blue Archive bunny challenge 5” or “Blue Archive get set go challenge 3”.
  • You don’t need those exact units to beat it, just students who can do a similar job.

Maximize event bonuses[edit]

Bonus guide
  • Zoomed in guide.
  • The game saves the highest bonus per token achieved in a single run. It applies these bonuses to future runs, including sweeps.
  • You can do 3* objectives and challenges separately for any stage in the game.
  • Always do story stage 1 first; if there’s a welfare student, this is where you acquire them. Welfares give event bonuses.
Event bonus example
Runs Token A Token B Token C
1 90% 60% 0%
2 10% 20% 80%
3 50% 120% 70%
Token A Token B Token C
90% 120% 80%
  • If you’re strong enough, you can leave bonus students at level 1.
  • Bonus units can die, but their team cannot forfeit or be defeated.
  • If it’s too hard, swap out your lowest bonus unit for a real unit, and keep doing that until you can clear it.

Events worth refreshing[edit]


Hoarding AP[edit]

AP hoarding by outi#4797

More visual guide by Kelfran#0178

  • Here’s an example of how to hoard AP. The dates in the first guide are incorrect, but you’ll do same steps on equivalent days. For example, you always start about 2 days before maintenance ends.
  • Set alarms to avoid wasting pyro and AP. There’s also a simple hoarding option below.
  • If you’re a newer player who wants to hoard, we recommend the simple hoarding method; it’s easy, and you won’t lose any AP (which is precious account exp). You’ll likely have low bonuses and you can’t sweep the higher stages anyways.

Simple 24 hour hoarding:

Ez hoard
  • Collect your cafe AP 24 hours before maintenance will end + a few extra hours after, in case it gets delayed. For example, if maintenance ends at 6 AM, collect at 9 AM the day before (or whenever you usually play after maintenance).
  • You gain 10 AP per hour in your regular AP pool, so collect/spend so you will have near max/right at max when you play after maintenance.

Other notes:

  • AP sent to your mail only lasts 24 hours. To be safe, you want to wait so it will last a few hours after maintenance is projected to end (the guides already account for this). Nexon will not refund lost AP.
To prevent losing hoarded AP, add extra hours to maintenance’s end time.
  • You cannot refresh via pyro if you don’t have the physical space. Each refresh gives 120 AP, you need that much space x number of pyro refreshes to do it.
  • When you have 999 AP, you cannot claim AP, PvP, raid or JFD (Joint Firing Drill) rewards. That’s why the guide says to fail one normal stage for -1 AP so you can.

If you have general questions about the game, see GameplayHelp FAQs.