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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level55



First Clear Suzumi's ElephRibbon Beret BlueprintCross BlueprintNavy School Bag Blueprint
Main Drops Suzumi's Eleph40.0%Ribbon Beret Blueprint100.0%Ribbon Beret Blueprint20.0%Cross Blueprint90.0%Navy School Bag Blueprint90.0%
Other Drops Credits400~1600Plain Baseball Cap20.0%Knitted Wool Hat Blueprint40.0%Traffic Safety Amulet15.0%Heat Pack Blueprint30.0%Waterproof Sports Bag15.0%Insulated Messenger Bag Blueprint30.0%


Bossing team to the right, Clearing team to the left

Attack the enemy below you using your clearing team and then defeat the enemy next to your bossing team

Move your clearing team to (2) and your bossing team to (1)

Attack the enemy below you using your bossing team then make your way to the boss for a 5-turn clear. Grabbing the present box below the boss will make it a 6-turn clear

You can make a five turn, three star and present box clear if you follow the mentioned starting points above, but don't have your bossing team attack the enemy near them.

Move your bossing team down to 1, attack the enemy below them. Move your clearing team to 2, then have the clearing team move back up and attack the target between the starts while having your bossing team proceed to the present box. This will allow you to attack the boss on turn 5.