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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level60

Map[edit source]

Drops[edit source]

First Clear Hifumi's ElephAntique Enamel Loafers BlueprintCross Choker BlueprintWinged Hairpin Blueprint
Main Drops Hifumi's Eleph40.0%Antique Enamel Loafers Blueprint100.0%Antique Enamel Loafers Blueprint20.0%Cross Choker Blueprint90.0%Winged Hairpin Blueprint90.0%
Other Drops Credits400~1600Pink Sneakers20.0%Mouton Boots Blueprint40.0%Bluetooth Necklace15.0%Snowflake Pendant Blueprint30.0%Tennis Headband15.0%Scrunchie Blueprint30.0%

Objectives[edit source]

Mission Objectives Reward
Mission Complete
Acquire S rank 5 times
Clear stage within 6 turns
Challenge Reward
✔ Clear stage within 5 turns 3Normal Activity ReportNormal Activity Report

Strategy[edit source]

Bossing team right, Clearing team left

Attack the enemy above your clearing team and move your bossing team left

Move your clearing team to (2), swap spots with your bossing team and advance to (4) above you

Attack the enemy above your bossing team and move your clearing team right

Move your clearing team to (3) then move your bossing team to the new square that has appeared to the left (Grabbing the present box here will add +1 turns to the clear)

Kill the boss using your bossing team for a 5-turn clear