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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level61


CHAPTER11 Hard Main Stage02.png


First Clear Hasumi's ElephVeronica Embroidered Badge BlueprintLeather Gloves BlueprintAntique Pocket Watch Blueprint
Main Drops Hasumi's Eleph40.0%Veronica Embroidered Badge Blueprint100.0%Veronica Embroidered Badge Blueprint20.0%Leather Gloves Blueprint90.0%Antique Pocket Watch Blueprint90.0%
Other Drops Credits400~1600Serval Metal Badge20.0%Manaslu Felt Badge Blueprint40.0%Sports Gloves15.0%Knitted Mittens Blueprint30.0%Waterproof Digital Watch15.0%Leather Wristwatch Blueprint30.0%


Bossing team left, Clearing team right

Move both teams one spot up and don't use the teleporter

Attack the enemy above with your bossing team and move your clearing team up

Move your bossing team right and then move your clearing team to the spot right below it

Attack the enemy to the right using your Clearing team and then move your bossing team to where your clearing team was before

Trade places with your bossing team and attack the enemy above then kill the boss for a 5-turn clear