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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level66


CHAPTER12 Hard Main Stage02.png


First Clear Yuuka's Eleph
Main Drops Yuuka's Eleph40.0%Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray (Gehenna)3.75%Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray (Shanhaijing)3.75%Aether Piece4.0%Broken Crystal Haniwa4.0%Broken Atlantis Medal4.0%
Other Drops Credits400~1600


Start: Bossing team Left, Clearing team Right.

Turn 1: Move your Bossing team one spot down then swap places with your Clearing team and attack the enemy to your diagonal right, next to (2).

Turn 2: Move your Clearing team to (2), then move your Bossing team up.

Turn 3: Grab the giftbox with your Clearing team and attack the enemy above you with your Bossing team

Turn 4: Attack the boss with your Bossing team for a 4-turn clear. If your Clearing team gets wiped by the mystic enemy then, that won't affect your 3-star rating so don't worry about withdrawing when attacked by it.