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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level66


CHAPTER13 Hard Main Stage01.png


First Clear Haruka's ElephBulletproof Helmet BlueprintTactical Gloves BlueprintMulti-Purpose Hairpin Blueprint
Main Drops Haruka's Eleph40.0%Bulletproof Helmet Blueprint68.8%Tactical Gloves Blueprint51.6%Multi-Purpose Hairpin Blueprint51.6%
Other Drops Credits400~1600Knitted Wool Hat Blueprint20.0%Big Brother Fedora Blueprint40.0%Knitted Mittens Blueprint15.0%Peroro Oven Mitts Blueprint30.0%Scrunchie Blueprint15.0%Momo Hairpin Blueprint30.0%


Bossing Team (Piercing/Explosive) on top, Clearing Team (Any) on bottom.

Turn 1: Move Clearing team to the left, and move Bossing team down onto broken tile. (Bossing team will be attacked by enemy to the left.)

Turn 2: Move Clearing team to the left onto the other broken tile, and swap places with Bossing team. Attack enemy below with Bossing team. (Clearing team will be teleported to start above.)

Turn 3: Move Clearing team to the right, and move Bossing team to the left. (Bossing team will be attacked by enemy above.)

Turn 4: Grab the gift box to the right with Clearing team, and kill the boss for a 4-turn clear.