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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level80


CHAPTER15 Hard Main Stage03.png


First Clear Neru's Eleph
Main Drops Neru's Eleph40.0%Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray (Trinity)4.0%Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray (Valkyrie)4.0%Low-Purity Wolfsegg Steel1.4%Repaired Totem Pole1.4%
Other Drops Credits400~1600


Team A starts at top, Team B starts at middle, Team C (main team) starts at bottom

Team A takes teleporter (3). Team B moves right, defeats enemy. Team C takes teleporter (1).

Team B goes right. Team A swaps with B and goes right. Team C swaps with A and goes right.

Team A moves down onto cracked tile. Team B takes teleporter (3), and takes teleporter (2). Team C moves right, defeats enemy.

Team B moves right, defeats enemy. Team C moves down. Team A ends turn on cracked tile (no movement).

Team B moves up, defeats enemy. Team A moves down, collects gift. Team C defeats boss.