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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level80



First Clear Neru's Eleph
Main Drops Neru's Eleph40.0%Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray (Trinity)4.0%Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray (Valkyrie)4.0%Low-Purity Wolfsegg Steel1.4%Repaired Totem Pole1.4%Golden Thread Yarn1.4%
Other Drops Credits400~1600


Mission Objectives Reward
Mission Complete
Acquire S rank 7 times
Clear stage within 5 turns
Challenge Reward
✔ Clear stage within 5 turns 3Normal Activity ReportNormal Activity Report


  • Setup
    • Team A top (Mystic, 1 battle)
    • Team B middle (Mystic, 3 battles)
    • Team C bottom (Mystic/Explosive, 3 battles incl. boss)
  • Turn 1
    • Move Team A right to tile (3) and teleport.
    • Attack enemy to the right of Team B.
    • Move Team C left to tile (1) and teleport.
  • Turn 2
    • Move Team B right.
    • Swap Team A with Team B, and move Team A right.
    • Swap Team C with Team A, and move Team C right.
  • Turn 3
    • Move Team A down onto cracked tile.
    • Teleport Team B using tile (3), then move Team B up to tile (2) and teleport again.
    • Attack enemy to the right of Team C.
    • (Team A will be attacked by enemy below.)
  • Turn 4
    • Attack enemy to the right of Team B.
    • Move Team C down.
    • Have Team A wait on the cracked tile (no movement).
    • (Team C will be attacked by enemy to the right.)
    • (Team A will be teleported to bottom Start position.)
  • Turn 5
    • Attack enemy above Team B.
    • Move Team A down to collect gift box.
    • Defeat the boss with Team C for a 5-turn clear.

400 second challenge

  • Use just Team C from bottom Start.
  • Move left and teleport, then move right 3 times, and down twice. (3 battles)
  • Try to finish each battle in under 130 seconds.