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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level85



First Clear Hina's ElephHeeled Pumps BlueprintFrilly Mini Hat BlueprintDevil Wing Tote Bag Blueprint
Main Drops Hina's Eleph40.0%Heeled Pumps Blueprint68.8%Frilly Mini Hat Blueprint51.6%Devil Wing Tote Bag Blueprint51.6%
Other Drops Credits400~1600Pinky-Paca Slippers Blueprint20.0%Antique Enamel Loafers Blueprint40.0%Big Brother Fedora Blueprint15.0%Ribbon Beret Blueprint30.0%Peroro Backpack Blueprint15.0%Navy School Bag Blueprint30.0%


Team A (yellow) top left, Team B (blue) down left, Team C (yellow) right (main).

Turn 1, Team A goes right, Team B goes up, Team C goes left.

Turn 2, Team B goes up-right and attacks, Team A swaps with Team B, goes right and attacks, Team C goes up-left to cracked tile.

Turn 3, Team A goes down and grabs gift, Team B goes down and attacks, Team C swaps with Team A and goes down to attack.

Turn 4, Team A goes up-right and attacks, Team C goes down and attacks boss.