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Cost10 AP
Rec. Level80



First Clear Coco Devil Silver Badge BlueprintLace Gloves BlueprintFrilly Mini Hat Blueprint
Main Drops Coco Devil Silver Badge Blueprint34.4%Lace Gloves Blueprint25.8%Frilly Mini Hat Blueprint25.8%
Other Drops Angry Adelie Button Blueprint10.0%Veronica Embroidered Badge Blueprint20.0%Peroro Oven Mitts Blueprint7.5%Leather Gloves Blueprint15.0%Big Brother Fedora Blueprint7.5%Ribbon Beret Blueprint15.0%Credits200~800


  • Setup
    • Boss Team left (Piercing, 3 battles)
    • Sweep Team right (Mystic, 3 battles)
  • Turn 1
    • Attack enemy below Boss Team.
    • Move Sweep Team left to pick up DEF buff.
    • (Sweep Team will be attacked by enemy below.)
  • Turn 2
    • Move Boss Team right onto broken tile.
    • Move Sweep Team down.
  • Turn 3
    • Move Sweep Team down.
    • Swap Boss Team with Sweep Team, and attack enemy right of Boss Team.
    • (Sweep Team will be teleported to left Start position.)
  • Turn 4
    • Move Boss Team right.
    • Attack enemy left of Sweep Team.
  • Turn 5
    • Move Boss Team down to pick up HP recovery. (Do this step first!)
    • Move Sweep Team up onto tile (1).
    • (Sweep Team will be attacked by enemy above.)
    • (Boss Team will be attacked by boss for a 5-turn clear.)