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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level87


CHAPTER17 Hard Main Stage03.png


First Clear Karin's ElephDevil Wing Tote Bag BlueprintPunk Choker BlueprintGothic Wristwatch Blueprint
Main Drops Karin's Eleph40.0%Devil Wing Tote Bag Blueprint68.8%Punk Choker Blueprint51.6%Gothic Wristwatch Blueprint51.6%
Other Drops Credits400~1600Peroro Backpack Blueprint20.0%Navy School Bag Blueprint40.0%Nikolai Locket Blueprint15.0%Cross Choker Blueprint30.0%Wavecat Wristwatch Blueprint15.0%Antique Pocket Watch Blueprint30.0%


Red team (bossing) on the left, yellow team (clearing 1) in the middle, and another red team (clearing 2) on the right.

Turn 1: Clearing 1 goes top-left. Clearing 2 goes top-left. Bossing goes top-left.

Turn 2: Clearing 1 goes top-left. Clearing 2 goes top-right. Bossing goes top-right to the drone.

Turn 3: Clearing 1 goes top-left and attacks. Clearing 2 goes top-left. Bossing swaps with clearing 1 then goes top-left and attacks.

Turn 4: Clearing 1 goes bottom-left. Bossing goes to top-right and as a result, clearing 2 will be returned to rightmost starting point. Clearing 2 then goes top-left, returning clearing 1 to leftmost starting point.

Turn 5: Clearing 1 goes bottom-left and take the gift box. Clearing 2 goes left and attacks. Bossing goes top-left into boss, ending the mission with (hopefully) all the objectives accomplished.