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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level89

Map[edit source]

Drops[edit source]

First Clear Aru's Eleph
Main Drops Aru's Eleph40.0%Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray (Trinity)4.25%Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray (Abydos)4.25%Damaged Antikythera Mechanism1.4%Damaged Disco Colgante1.4%
Other Drops Credits400~1600

Objectives[edit source]

Mission Objectives Reward
Mission Complete
Acquire S rank 7 times
Clear stage within 5 turns
Challenge Reward
✔ Clear stage within 5 turns 3Normal Activity ReportNormal Activity Report

Strategy[edit source]

Team A (Blue) on the left, Team B (Blue, Boss) middle, Team C (Red) on the right.

Turn 1: Team A goes left and attacks. Team B goes bottom and attacks. Team C goes left and attacks.

Turn 2: Team A goes bottom to the drone. Team B goes right. Team C goes left

Turn 3: Team A goes bottom. Team C goes left don't takes teleporter. Team B goes right swaps with Team C takes teleporter goes right and attacks.

Turn 4: Team C goes bottom. Team A goes bottom. Team B goes right.

Turn 5: Team C goes bottom and take the gift box. Team B goes right and attacks boss.