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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level91


CHAPTER19 Hard Main Stage03.png


First Clear Izuna's ElephCasual Sneakers BlueprintBucket Hat BlueprintStreet Bag Blueprint
Main Drops Izuna's Eleph40.0%Casual Sneakers Blueprint68.8%Bucket Hat Blueprint51.6%Street Bag Blueprint51.6%
Other Drops Credits400~1600Antique Enamel Loafers Blueprint20.0%Tactical Boots Blueprint40.0%Ribbon Beret Blueprint15.0%Bulletproof Helmet Blueprint30.0%Navy School Bag Blueprint15.0%Tactical Satchel Blueprint30.0%


Team A (Yellow) on the top, Team B (Blue) middle, Team C (Yellow, Boss) on the bottom

Turn 1: Team A goes right. Team B goes top. Team C goes top.

Turn 2: Team A goes bottom. Team B goes right. Team C goes top.

Turn 3: Team A swaps with Team B and goes right. Team B goes left. Team C goes top and attack.

Turn 4: Team B goes left and attack. Team A goes top and attack. Team C goes top to the drone.

Turn 5: Team B goes top and take the gift box. Team A goes right. Team C swaps with Team A and attack Boss.