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List of music tracks that can be heard in the game.


Track 1MitsukiyoConstant Moderato
Track 2MitsukiyoLuminous memory
Track 3MitsukiyoMischievous Step
Track 4MitsukiyoLovely Picnic
Track 5KARUTColorful Mess
Track 6KARUTFunky Road
Track 7MitsukiyoUnwelcome School
Track 8MituskiyoShady Girls
Track 9MitsukiyoMidsummer cat
Track 10MitsukiyoRomantic Smile
Track 11KARUTConnected Sky
Track 12KARUTShooting Stars
Track 13KARUTBarrier
Track 14KARUTStep by Step
Track 15MitsukiyoHoney Jam
Track 16MitsukiyoMX Adventure
Track 17MitsukiyoIrasshaimase
Track 18KARUTMechanical JUNGLE
Track 19KARUTVirtual Storm
Track 20KARUTTech N Tech
Track 21NorMidnight Trip
Track 22NorDaily Routine 247
Track 23MitsukiyoParty time
Track 24MitsukiyoEndless Carnival
Track 25MitsukiyoFuture Bossa
Track 26MitsukiyoLemonade Diary
Track 27KARUTFade Out
Track 28KARUTPlug and Play
Track 29KARUTAlert
Track 30KARUTCorssFire
Track 31NorHello to Halo
Track 32NorGGF
Track 33NorVivid Night
Track 34NorAoharu
Track 35MitsukiyoMorose Dreamer
Track 36MitsukiyoKoi is love
Track 37MitsukiyoAira
Track 38MitsukiyoGuruguru Usagi
Track 39KARUTWater Drop
Track 40KARUTNeo City Dive
Track 41KARUTInterface
Track 42KARUTGlich Street
Track 44NorWalkthrough
Track 45NorSignal of Abydos
Track 46NorSugar story
Track 47MitsukiyoCoffee Cats
Track 48KARUTOut of Control
Track 49KARUTMechanical JUNGLE (Hi-Tech Full On MIX)
Track 50KARUTHue
Track 51NorARES
Track 52NorVibes
Track 53NorFuture Lab
Track 54NorAfter the Beep
Track 55NorMoment
Track 56NorFearful Utopia
Track 57NorHan-nari
Track 59NorRE Aoharu
Track 60NorSAKURA PUNCH (Hard Arrange)
Track 61MitsukiyoRolling beat
Track 62MitsukiyoMerry blue
Track 63MitsukiyoBlooming moon
Track 64MitsukiyoPixel time
Track 65KARUTAccelerator
Track 66KARUTGolden Shangri-la
Track 67KARUTSomeday, sometime
Track 68MitsukiyoVirtual Storm (Hard Arrange)
Track 69MitsukiyoSnow pantomime
Track 70KARUTBlack Suit
Track 71KARUTDenshi Toujou!
Track 72KARUTKaiten Screw!!!
Track 73MitsukiyoInterface (Hard Arrange)
Track 74KARUTTech N Tech (Hard Arrange)
Track 75KARUTAlert (Hard Arrange)
Track 76KARUTCrossFire (Hard Arrange)
Track 77MitsukiyoBurning love
Track 78KARUTFevertime
Track 79MitsukiyoSummer Bounce
Track 80MitsukiyoColorful Beach
Track 81KARUTSummer Bounce (Hard Arrange)
Track 82MitsukiyoHifumi Daisuki
Track 83MitsukiyoPRST Academy
Track 84MitsukiyoPRST Marching
Track 85KARUTLibrary of Omen
Track 86MitsukiyoSummertime archive
Track 87MitsukiyoConstant Moderato ~Piano Arrange~
Track 88KARUTOriental Drop
Track 89KARUTThe Dragon Express
Track 92NorCrucial Issue
Track 93MitsukiyoFormless Dream
Track 94MitsukiyoBunny Bunny Carrot Carrot
Track 95KARUTJackpot 777
Track 96NorOperationD
Track 97MitsukiyoBlue New Year!
Track 98KARUTOxygen Destroyer
Track 99MitsukiyoNesno wons
Track 100KARUTUndefined Behavior
Track 101KARUTNRG FielD
Track 103Theme 103
Track 104MitsukiyoTheme 104
Track 105MitsukiyoAlkaline Tears
Track 106NorTheme 106
Track 108Nor, KARUTStarting Pistol
Track 109MitsukiyoDolce Bilblioteca
Track 110KARUTCodex of Omen
Track 113NorUsagi Flap
Track 114Unwelcome Guest
Track 115Fall into the rabbit hole
Track 117NorKARAKURhythm
Track 118KARUTAgnus Dei
Track 119KARUTBlood Stained Faith
Track 120MitsukiyoDIVE INTO SUMMER
Track 121Theme 121
Track 122Theme 122
Track 123NorTheme 123
Track 124MitsukiyoTOMODACHI SUMMER
Track 125MitsukiyoKaphar
Track 127Theme 127
Track 128KARUTAfter School Dessert
Track 129Theme 129
Track 130Theme 130
Track 131KARUTShooting Athletes
Track 132KARUTTheme 132
Track 133KARUTGoal Wo Nerae!
Track 134Theme 134
Track 135Theme 135
Track 136MitsukiyoKyrie Eleison
Track 137Theme 137
Track 138Theme 138
Track 139MitsukiyoTheme 139
Track 140MitsukiyoTheme 140
Track 141NorTheme 141
Track 142Theme 142
Track 143Theme 143
Track 148NorTheme 148
Track 149Theme 149
Track 150KARUTTheme 150
Track 151Theme 151
Track 152NorTheme 152
Track 155NorResponsibility
Track 156KARUTFinal Destination of Ark
Track 157Theme 157
Track 159MitsukiyoTheme 159
Track 160Theme 160
Track 161Theme 161
Track 162MitsukiyoWelcome School
Track 163Theme 163
Track 171Theme 171
Track 172Theme 172
Track 10004Hatsune MikuBlue New World