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Perorozilla is the sixth raid boss of Blue Archive.

Perorozilla announcement by Blue Archive Twitter

Unlike other raid bosses Perorozilla has no distinct phases, and thus the strategies for defeating it are the same across the whole length of the fight. Success in Perorozilla requires the player to balance their teambuilding around survivability and AOE Mystic damage. Furthermore, an intermediate understanding of the range and timings of student skills will greatly increase your potential in this raid.

Boss Info[edit source]

Stats[edit source]

Armor Type
Special Armor
Difficulty Recommended Level Coin Reward Boss HP ATK DEF CRIT RES CRIT DMG RES Groggy Gauge
Normal 17 40 380,000 400 4,000 100 5,000 7 Peroros
Hard 25 60 1,100,000 650 4,000 100 5,000 7 Peroros
Very hard 35 80 1,600,000 900 4,000 100 5,000 7 Peroros
Hardcore 50 100 2,500,000 1,400 4,000 100 5,000 7 Peroros
Extreme 70 120 8,000,000 6,000 4,000 100 5,000 7 Peroros

Skills[edit source]

Skill Name Type Effect

Incandescent Eye Laser

EX Inflict 90% attack damage over time to one target for 10 seconds /

After the first hit, apply 9999 defence down for 60 seconds



EX Inflict 400% attack damage to one target

Summon Perorominions

EX Perorozilla summons large Perorominions.

100% of the damage dealt to Perorominions are reflected to Perorozilla.

Perorominions are knocked to the ground when they fall below 50% HP


Absorb Perorominions

EX Perorozilla eats the Perorominions, gaining stun gauge according to how many Perorominions were knocked down

Hyper Spiral Eye Laser

EX When the ATG bar is full, inflict 300% attack damage to all targets