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Scrimmage Menu

The Scrimmage (or School Exchange) are stages that drop materials required to upgrade the Unique weapons of students. Unique equipment is unlocked once a student has been leveled up to 5 stars and provides bonus stats to the student. These bonus stats can be viewed on their respective page from Characters.

In Scrimmage, you will battle select students from their respective schools. Currently, there are 3 schools which include (top to bottom): Trinity, Gehenna, and Millennium. Each school also consists of 4 stages, A-D, where the latter stages are significantly more challenging but include better rewards, similar to Bounty Hunts or Commissions.

Different schools will drop different upgrade materials which cater to different guns. Trinity, Gehenna, and Millenium will respectively drop springs, hammers, and gun barrels. Springs will have a 1.5 xp multiplier when used to upgrade SMGs, SGs, and HGs; Hammers on ARs and GLs; And, gun barrels on MGs, SRs, MTs, and RGs. Firing pins will have a universal 1.5 xp multiplier.

Starting or sweeping a stage requires 10 AP for stage A or 15 AP for later stages and a ticket for the stage. 2 tickets are given for each school stage daily but more can be bought in the Shop for 30 pyroxenes. However, buying the monthly and half monthly packages will provide 2 and 1 additional ticket for each stage respectively. Additionally, the monthly and half monthly package will reduce the AP cost of clearing a stage by 10 and 5 AP respectively making the total cost 0 AP if both packages are owned. Below is a table displaying the drop rates for each stage.

Trinity / Gehenna / Millennium
Stage T1 Material T2 Material T3 Material T4 Material
Qty Chance Qty Chance Qty Chance Qty Chance
A 1 100.00% 1 50.00%
B 1 100.00% 1 7.50%
C 2 100.00% 1 100.00% 1 12.00% 1 4.00%
D 2 100.00% 1 20.00% 1 5.00%

(Credits to Noxy#8299 and アイザヱー#6944 for the drop rates data)

The maximum amount of tickets that can be held at a time is 30. Excess ticket gains (from monthly packages) will be sent to mailbox with a 1-day expiring date.

Recommended Units & Strategies[edit]

The following strategies are primarily for stage C but most can be applied to earlier stages as well.

Students Strategies
  • Only one red DPS is recommended solely for Hifumi.
  • Iori and Maki are practically a must in stage C.
    • Karin can be included if your yellow DPS is still lacking.
  • Serina can be used at the beginning of the battle to relocate Tsubaki towards the middle of the enemies. This causes Hifumi to use her EX out of range of your DPS.
  • Iori can always hit both Azusa and Hasumi at the beginning of the battle. Getting rid of the two early on will help save time.
  • If you are struggling with Tsurugi healing too fast, wipe Koharu and lower any other student. This will bait Hanako's healing onto them at which you're free to focus Tsurugi.
Students Strategies
  • Like Trinity but a focus on red DPS now. Only one yellow DPS is recommended for Kayoko.
  • It is recommended to take out Kayoko first or else her EX might wipe your back students at ~37 seconds. Alternatively, Tsubaki's taunt can be used to interrupt the attack.
  • Serina can be used again to reposition Tsubaki away from your other students. That way, enemy students' EX won't be in range of your students.
Students Strategies
  • Serina reposition is important in this stage as well when Midori and Momoi activate their EX at ~20 seconds which can easily wipe your back students. Moving Tsubaki as much to the side is recommended to avoid your back students being hit by the numerous amounts of AOE EX skills in this stage.
    • Alternatively, you could skill cancel with Tsubaki's taunt.
  • It is recommended to take out Midori first due to her damage, followed by Kotori due to her shields.
  • Two healers are recommended due to the amount of damage your students will sustain.