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Skill text, I just have machine translations, so anything else would be better:


奇奇怪怪 (lit. 'bizarre mystery'?): スキル発動後すぐにリロ一ド/通常攻摯を攻撃力の138%分のダメ一ジを与える扇形範囲攻撃に変更/攻撃力を25.8%増加 (リロ一ドを1回行うまで有効)

(Immediately after activating the skill, change the reload / normal attack to a fan-shaped range attack that gives damage equivalent to 138% of the attack power / increase the attack power by 25.8% (effective until one reload is performed))


激情 (passion?): 敵を倒した時、治癒力の116%分の回復 (ク一ル夕イム10秒)

(When defeating an enemy, recovers 116% of healing power (cooldown 10 seconds))

機敏 (agility?): 移動速度を14%増加

(Increase movement speed by 14%)

制御不能の力 (lit 'uncontrollable force,' "unstoppable force?"): 敵を倒 した時、30%の確率で弾薬数を1追加

(30% chance to add 1 ammo when defeating an enemy)