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Discord server[edit]

I made a Discord server for wiki collaboration since using this page isn't ideal.

Junko's page[edit]

I did some entries about her. From the character page it redirects on this site

Thanks dude and thanks also for uploading the images. Once the basic infoboxes are done for all characters I'll move on to making an infobox format for stats/skills/etc.

I'm going to upload the full version images (done)





Enabling Some Extensions[edit]

Hey, could you enable the MsUpload, TemplateSandbox, and Header Tabs extensions? Planning to dump a bunch of icon assets soon and the other two are just generally useful. SandboxLink might also be helpful for some of the people unfamiliar with wikis.

I've enabled these extensions now.

Sorry, I asked for the wrong tab one. Can you enable TabsCombination? Thanks.


Hey, do you have somewhere to contact you outside the wiki just in case? Like an email or something. Sure, my email is o12ri3 (at) gmail (dot) com.


avhr0y.png Would it be possible to use this data to make maps of all stages using a script? I have the rest of the files so contact me for the rest

Yes that should be possible. If you want the maps to look as they do in-game I'll need the sprites for the individual tile types though.

Sent the info to your email

Made a start with the current data: I had to create new sprites since the ones in the game files are 3d models. Also no enemies yet, I'll try and get around to adding them later.

Looks perfect. Enemies don't need to be the ingame sprites because the JP wiki just marks them with "ENEMY" and "BOSS" Backgrounds are over here wfx5ke.png h5nm61.png

Almost done. Just need to add the other items on the map and the background

Is it possible to get the script to automatically create the mission pages with the corresponding image + drop info from the drop table? Or does it need to be done manually one by one? Seems like it's ready to make a page for each stage now

Sure, that can be done. On a related note it seems the datamines have dried up so we might not be able to rely on this in the future.

Scripting and Discussion[edit]

Hey there,

I'm new here but know how to use wiki code. Maybe I can help out a bit?

Mind if we create a Discord server for communication?

Yeah I guess it's about time we stopped using this page. Made a server here:

Custom domain issues (DNS)[edit]

Hi. We've noticed that there's a DNS misconfiguration with your custom domain which causes a warning on our side: SSL WARNING - rDNS OK but records conflict. {'NS': ['', ''], 'CNAME': ''}. Could you please check the Custom domains page on Meta and make sure that everything is configured correctly? Thanks! Reception123 (talk) 09:19, 2 December 2021 (UTC) (System administrator)

I've fixed the incorrect CNAME, thanks for the heads up. LeTrashman (talk) 10:13, 2 December 2021 (UTC)