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Chesed Raid Image

Chesed is the second raid boss in Blue Archive

Chesed is a Heavy Armour boss which requires your students to fight through multiple waves of enemies before tackling the boss itself. The challenge in Chesed is in balancing your single-target damage against your AOE damage without losing any firepower required to take on the enemies and the boss. Players may choose to scatter their single target students and AOE students evenly across multiple teams to take on the boss slowly and surely; but it is equally viable to focus one team on clearing waves of enemies before retreating and defeating the boss in one go with a second, single-target focused team.


Raid name Period Season Notes
Decagrammaton: Chesed Indoor 04/12/2023 11:00 ~ 04/19/2023 03:59 50
Decagrammaton: Chesed Indoor 12/07/2022 11:00 ~ 12/14/2022 03:59 43
Decagrammaton: Chesed Outdoor 07/27/2022 11:00 ~ 08/03/2022 03:59 35
Decagrammaton: Chesed Indoor 04/13/2022 11:00 ~ 04/20/2022 03:59 29
Decagrammaton: Chesed Outdoor 12/29/2021 12:30 ~ 01/04/2022 23:59 22
Decagrammaton: Chesed Outdoor 09/09/2021 12:30 ~ 09/15/2021 23:59 13
Decagrammaton: Chesed Indoor 07/15/2021 12:30 ~ 07/21/2021 23:59 9
Decagrammaton: Chesed Outdoor 04/29/2021 12:30 ~ 05/05/2021 23:59 3
Decagrammaton: Chesed Indoor 03/11/2021 14:30 ~ 03/17/2021 23:59 0 No ranking rewards

Boss Info[edit]


Difficulty Attack Type Armor Type Rec. Level Raid Coin Rare Raid Coin Boss HP ATK DEF CRIT RES CRIT DMG RES Stagger Gauge
Normal Normal Heavy 17 40 80,000 10 100 20 5,000 4 Waves
Hard Normal Heavy 25 60 311,000 10 100 20 5,000 4 Waves
Very hard Normal Heavy 35 80 504,000 10 100 20 5,000 4 Waves
Hardcore Normal Heavy 50 100 10 780,000 10 100 20 5,000 4 Waves
Extreme Normal Heavy 70 120 20 3,400,000 10 100 20 5,000 4 Waves
Insane Explosive Heavy 80 140 40 6,400,000 10 100 20 5,000 4 Waves
Torment Explosive Heavy 90 160 60 21,400,000 10 100 20 5,000 4 Waves


Icon Skill Name Type Effect

Call of the Throne

EX Summons automaton soldiers. Gradually fills Chesed's ATG gauge while soldiers are alive. Chesed's ATG gauge resets after all soldiers have been defeated.

Witness My Supreme Powers

EX When Chesed's ATG gauge is half filled, increases the attack and movement speed of all remaining soldiers by 50% for 60s. This skill can be cancelled with crowd control effects.

Majesty's Mercy

EX When ATG gauge is at max, Deals 2000% damage to all enemies.

Exposed Throne

Passive Immune to all effects that increase damage taken. When stagger gauge is full, reveals Chesed's core for 20s, and increases damage taken by 900%.

Additional Notes:[edit]

  • The time limit for this fight is 4 minutes
  • The fight is split into two phases.
    In the first phase your students will face waves of heavy armour enemies as they progress towards the boss room where Chesed is located
    The second phase of the boss fight will require you to fight additional waves of enemies protecting Chesed's core body
  • Chesed's Core
    Even when the Core is closed, damage can still be dealt to Chesed. However, Chesed heavily reduces all incoming damage while in this state.
    After defeating exactly 4 waves of enemies, Chesed will reveal its core.
    Progress for the core reveal can be tracked by the stagger gauge.
    The core is revealed for exactly 20 seconds.
    After closing its core, your students will repeatedly fight through additional waves of enemies to reveal Chesed's core until it is defeated.
    • The stagger gauge is maintained across different teams.
      E.g. If Team A accumulates 90% stagger gauge, Team B will only need to fill the remaining 10% before the core is revealed.
      The remaining enemies will instantly die upon the gauge reaching 100%
  • The enemies in this fight consist of only mechanical soldiers, drones, Goliaths, and fixed turrets
    • If left alive, these enemies will launch a powerful attack after a fixed amount of time.
      The soldiers and drones will launch a suicide attack against the nearest student.
      The Goliaths will launch a powerful AOE attack.
    • The fixed turrets can ignore your tank and target your backline.

Recommended Units[edit]

Recommended Units and their evaluations
Damage and Survivability
Student Portrait Sumire.png Her 3 cost EX will help you clear waves of enemies while also acting as the tank for the team you place her in. Gets a mood boost from the stage the event is in. You might find yourself wanting or needing her T4 bag for higher difficulties if you are having issues keeping her alive.
Student Portrait Tsurugi.png More of a beefy bruiser rather than a tank. She really shines on this map because her 3 cost EX gives her big AOE attacks and she heals herself with enemies killed so she's great to clear waves and sustain herself with her own heals. You might find yourself wanting or needing her T4 bag for higher difficulties if you are having issues keeping her alive.
Student Portrait Hoshino.png Absolutely needs her T4 bag to be usable. Hoshino has pretty low survivability before her bag but becomes a nice defense tank with it and her 4 cost EX can help you AOE enemies if you need it. She's more of a tank than a damage dealer, the AOE on her EX is just a bonus.
Student Portrait Tsubaki.png Full tank without any damage dealing EX but her 4-cost taunt will help you cancel enemy skills like the special ability of the big robot for example. If you take too long clearing a room see caution/warning signs around a big enemy robot then you can cancel the incoming skill by using Tsubaki's taunt while the warning signs are there and before the enemy uses their skill to cancel it or you might find yourself wiping. The smaller robots will instead opt to self-destruct and you can't cancel that with Tsubaki's taunt. You might find yourself wanting or needing her T4 bag for higher difficulties if you are having issues keeping her alive.
Student Portrait Nonomi.png She's free to take to 3-star and is one of the best units you can take for this mode. Her 5-cost AOE deals great damage and will help you clear entire waves of enemies with one press. If you need more firepower then consider taking her EX skill to level 3 for a big boost or consider getting her equipment.
Student Portrait Momoi.png Great 3-cost AOE skill and gets stronger when deployed with her Midori, excellent for this raid.
Student Portrait Midori.png Great 3-cost skill that hits 5 random targets and gets stronger when deployed with her Momoi, excellent for this raid.
Student Portrait Iori.png Also one of the best units you can take for this mode if not the best. Her 3-cost skill hits 3 times, deals great single target damage and also comes with AOE. The best boss killer you can ask for on this raid so consider investing on her if you have her because she is one of the best penetration units.
Student Portrait Hihumi.png Her 5-cost skill summons Peroro-sama that will deal damage to everyone in the area while taunting them. She is really useful in this mode both for being able to deal AOE damage, taunt enemies and take the heat off your other units. Absolutely worth considering if you have her.
Student Portrait Maki.png Great penetration unit but she specializes in single target damage and this raid is all about AOE damage. Even then, you can still use her and achieve good results and is a good choice for your bossing team.
Student Portrait Neru.png Neru's 2-cost EX has strong damage against a single unit for very cheap so she is also a good unit for this mode. Lacks AOE damage but will still give you results as a solid unit
Student Portrait Zunko.png A free to obtain character, she performs well in this mode as a unit with solid damage and a strong 5-cost skill that deals damage to everything in a line
Student Portrait Pina.png Only really shines with her 3-star passive that gives her a damage boost if she remains in place without moving. Best used on your bossing team where she can remain in place but can also be used as 2-star if you don't want to raise her to 3-stars.
Student Portrait Hasumi.png Starter penetration unit. Not your best choice but she is still worth considering if you lack penetration units because she can do her job. Her expensive 5-cost skill is only single target damage but can be used to take out some priority targets if you wish.
Student Portrait Karin.png Strong penetration dealer. Her 4-cost skill deals damage to a single target and the damage is increased if the target is big/large so it is best to save her skill for when Chesed reveals itself for big damage.
Student Portrait Serina.png The best healer in the game for anything you want to do. Her 2-cost skill will summon a first-aid kit that will make the closest unit run to it to heal thesmelves. Only worth considering if you're taking too much damage and require a healer, otherwise go full damage.
Student Portrait Yoshimi.png Deals Penetration damage and stuns enemies she hits with her EX. Very useful for this game mode because she does two things you want.
Student Portrait Kotama.png Her 3-cost skill will buff the attack units in the circle and is cheap so you can use it to cycle to your other units skills while buffing them.

Point Rewards[edit]

Point Rewards
Points required Reward
2,500 Beginner-level strengthening orb x16
5,000 Beginner-level report x12
7,500 Ether powder x6

Crystal Haniwa fragment x6

10,000 300,000 Credits
12,500 Middle-level strengthening orb x8
15,000 Middle-level report x6
17,500 Ether shard x3

Broken Crystal Haniwa x3

20,000 Goddess Fragments x20
25,000 High-level strengthening orb x4
30,000 High-level report x3
35,000 Ethel crystal x2

Repaired Haniwa crystal x2

40,000 Blue Pyroxene x150
45,000 Highest-level strengthening orb x1
50,000 Highest-grade report x1
55,000 Ether Essence x1

Perfect Haniwa Crystal x1

60,000 Goddess Fragments x20
70,000 Middle-level strengthening orb x16

Beginner-level strengthening orb 32

80,000 Middle-level report x12

Beginner-level report x24

90,000 Ether fragment x6

Broken Crystal Haniwa x6

Ether powder x12

Crystal Haniwa Frgament x12


Blue Pyroxene x150 500,000 Credits


Highest-level strengthening orb x1 High-level strengthening orb x4

140,000 Highest-level report x1

High-level report x3

160,000 Ether essence x1

Perfect Crystal Haniwa x1

Ether Crystal x2

Repaired Crystal Haniwa x2

180,000 Goddess Fragments x20
200,000 Middle-level strengthening orb x16

Beginner-level strengthening orb x32

220,000 Middle-level report x12

Beginner-level report x24

240,000 Ether fragment x6

Broken Crystal Haniwa x6

Ether powder x12

Cystal Haniwa Fragment x12


Blue Pyroxene x150 1,200,000 Credits

290,000 Highest-level strengthening orb x2

High-level strenging orb x8

320,000 Highest-level report x2

High-level report x6

350,000 Ether Essence x2

Perfect Crystal Haniwa x2

Ether Crystal x4

Repaired Crystal Hainwa x4

380,000 Goddess Fragments x200
410,000 3,000,000 Credits
440,000 High-level strengthening orb x16

Middle-level strengthening orb x32

470,000 Blue Pyroxene x200
500,000 Goddess Fragments x20