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Hod Raid Image

Hod is the seventh Raid boss in Blue Archive.

Hod is a Heavy Armor boss that uses accumulating Crowd Control effect time as its distinctive mechanic. Players are required to have strong CC units (Tsubaki, Hoshino, Fubuki, Chihiro) in order to fight against efficiently. Hod has a very high CRIT RES so your DPS units will be very unlikely to CRIT against him. On the other hand, Hod has a much lower HP pool even at the highest difficulty compared to other bosses.


Boss Info[edit]


Attack Type (Insane) Armor Type
Mystic Heavy Armor
Difficulty Recommended Level Coin Reward Rare Coin Reward Boss HP Invader Pillar HP ATK DEF CRIT RES CRIT DMG RES Stagger Gauge
Normal 17 40 80,000 30,000 700 100 500 5,000 100,000,000
Hard 25 60 125,000 60,000 1,050 100 500 5,000 100,000,000
Very hard 35 80 300,000 100,000 1,575 100 500 5,000 100,000,000
Hardcore 50 100 10 480,000 160,000 2,363 100 500 5,000 100,000,000
Extreme 70 120 20 1,600,000 450,000 3,300 100 500 5,000 100,000,000
Insane 80 140 40 2,800,000 900,000 6,435 100 500 5,000 100,000,000


Icon Skill Name Type Effect
デストラクション Type 1

Destruction Type I

EX Deals 150% damage to all enemies within a circulate range.

Deals 150% damage 3 times to all enemies within a circular range and expands Invader Pillar Erosion Field range by 1 level.

デストラクションType II

Destruction Type II

EX Deals 200% damage to all enemies in a Straight Line.

Invader Pillar Generation

EX Summons an Invader Pillar, decreasing the cost recovery of enemies and allies by 350 in a circular area around it and forcing nearby defense turrets to attack enemies instead of Hod. The pillar's erosion field expands every 15s.

Energy Overload

EX Deal 150% damage to all enemies.

If Hod's HP is below 50%, deal 300% damage to all enemies instead and destroy all Field Turrets.


Radiance Glory

EX Deals 740% damage to all enemies and increases Hod's attack by 50% until the end of battle. Effect stacks up to 99 times.

Hidden Glory

Passive Hod and all summoned Invader Pillar are immune to the effects of crowd-control. However, crowd-control abilities will fill their stun gauge proportional to the duration of the effect that would be inflicted. Once the stun gauge reaches a total equivalent to 10s of crowd-control duration, inflicts the following effects:

Hod: When 6/7/8/9/10/15s of CC Time is accumulated, increases damage taken by 300% for 30s and decrease Hod's ATG gauge. Increase Stagger Gauge by 25,000,000. (Accumulate Total of 24/28/32/36/40/60s to Stun Boss for 20s)

Invader Pillar: When 6/7/8/9/10/15s of CC Time is accumulated, increases damage taken by 300% for 30s and reduce the Erosion Field range by 1 level.

CC Time will increased based on your CC Strength %. (Insane Only)


In the Shadow of Honor

Passive Hod and all summoned Invader Pillar have 400% increased critical resistance.

Invader Pillar are also immune to effects of focused fire.

Additional Notes/Tips:[edit]

  • The fight is split into two phases, an outpost battle against the pillars of Hod, and a boss battle where team directly confronts Hod.
    • In the outpost battle, destroy Hod's Invader Pillar twice to advance to the boss battle.
    • In the boss battle, you will face Hod and one summoned pillar at the same time.
  • Students with CC (Crowd Control) abilities are important in this fight. All 3 types of CC (Taunt, Stun and Fear) contribute time to the CC Gauge.
CC Gauge[edit]
  • Hod and Invader Pillar have a circular gauge right beside their HP bar. For convenience, we'll call it CC Gauge .
    • Every time Hod/Invader Pillar are affected by a CC ability, the skill effect duration will be accumulated in the CC Gauge .
    • Once Gauge is full, the damage dealt to Hod/Invader Pillar will be increased for 30s.
  • In addition to increasing the damage taken, filling the CC Gauge on Hod will increase the Stagger Gauge by 25% and reduce the ATG gauge, so the importance of CC is very high.
  • Accumulated CC duration required to fill the gauge depends on the difficulty level. The required time in seconds in order of Normal/Hard/VeryHard/Hardcore/Extreme/Insane is 6/7/8/9/10/15s (or 24/28/32/36/40/60s total to stun boss for 20s)
Invader Pillar[edit]
  • Invader Pillar have a blue circular Erosion Field.
    After a certain amount of time, the erosion range will increase, and if the turret of friendly unit is eroded, the turret will attack the students instead.
  • If a student is inside the erosion field, their cost recovery will be decreased.
    In order to reduce the erosion range, you need to fill up the CC gauge of the Invader Pillar.
Active Gauge/ATG[edit]
  • There are 3 square at the bottom right of the boss's HP bar.
    When the boss ATG gauge is full, "Radiance of Glory" skill will be activated and deal damage to all of your students. After the skill ended, Hod's ATK will permanently increased by 50% so be sure to stop it.
Stagger Gauge[edit]
  • The boss has a thin gauge at the bottom of its HP bar. The Stagger Gauge will fill up by a quarter each time CC Gauge is completely filled. The Stagger Hauge can be filled up to 4 times (each time is 25,000,000; total is 100,000,000), when all 4 times has been accumulated, the boss will be stunned for 20s.
    Stagger Gauge if filled by either destroying the summoned Invader Pillar, or by filling up Hod's CC Gauge.
  • Hod will summon a pillar immediately when the boss battle phase stars (sometimes it could use a different skill, it is recommend to restart the fight when this happens), and will continue summoning new ones roughly 1 minute after previous Invader Pillar is destroyed.
    Pillar summoning can be interrupted by completely filling Stagger Gauge during the summoning animation. If you succeed in cancelling it, Hod will no longer summon Invader Pillar for the remainder of battle.

Recommended Units[edit]

Recommended Units
Standard high-dps penetration student with 3-cost EX skill. You can target the pillar with her EX and hit Hod simultaneously thanks to the small cone AOE. One of the best boss killers in every Heavy raid.
A Penetration student who is strong against a single enemy with 5-cost EX. Hod raid will only have one viable target at the time (either Hod itself or the Invader Pillar), which makes Maki very suitable. Maki will sometimes use her Defense-reducing Normal skill on the pillars instead of Hod resulting in a massive damage loss, so it is recommend to wait for the right timing to destroy the pillars so that she can use her Normal Skill on Hod and deal tons of damage.
★1 Penetration student that is strong against single targets, with 4-cost EX. Pina needs ★3 for her to work but if you have no one else, she is the best choice to go for.
Not necessarily a recommended unit, but notable for her viability.

Initial release of Hod sees it in Urban environment, which makes Yuzu the only currently available Penetration Striker with best possible environment affinity. Unfortunately, Yuzu relies on crits to deal any kind of damage and Hod has a high CRIT RES, which makes her a really RNG unit to use against Hod; on the other hand, if she does crit, Yuzu's dps will beat Maki and even Iori.

★1 Welfare student from the Happy Schale ♡ Valentine patrol Event. She can stun enemy with her Normal Skill, although the Normal Skill stun duration is short (1.9s/2.1s/2.3s/2.5s), her Sub Skill will let her apply stun very consistently. You do not need to use her skill, just having her in the team is enough.
5-Cost EX, summon Peroro-sama with a "Taunt" effect for 3.4s/3.9s. Cost to duration ratio isn't very good but you can use her if you lack other CC units.
4-Cost EX, Taunt enemy in a very large range for 4.7s/5.4s/6.2s. The best unit for CC because she can easily Taunt both pillar and Hod due to her large range.
4-Cost EX, applies 1s/1.4s stun to enemies in a small cone with each shot (needs EX3+). The other great unit to stack CC because at EX5 she can stack a total of 7s by herself, but the downside is that her position can be random and she might fail to hit both pillar and Hod at the same time.
3-Cost EX, damage is nothing crazy, but she is very good because of her long duration, low cost EX stun (5.6s/6.6s/7.5s).
4-Cost EX, high damage against Hod because of its size, Normal Skill has a 50% chance to stun for 3.1s. Great Sub Skill that boosts team Attack. A bit RNG but still very good.
4-Cost Ex, ★1 that can stun for a short duration (2.2s/2.5s/2.9s). She is a bit better than Hare at ★3 because Sub Skill grants allies better CC Strength, otherwise not a good pick unless you have no one else.
4-Cost EX, Explosive attack so you shouldn't expect any damage from her, but her EX Stun is longer than Yoshimi's at ★1 (2.7s/3.1s/3.5s).
3-Cost EX that buffs allies Attack in a circle, cheap and useful to cycle to your other unit skills while buffing them. Great Sub Skill unlocked at ★3 that boosts whole team Attack.