Joint Firing Drill

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Joint Firing Drill or Joint Firepower Exercise (JE) is a game mode otherwise known as a time attack dungeon. The goal is to clear stages in the shortest time period possible to earn the highest score.

Joint Firing Drill works fairly similar to the Raid game mode. 3 tickets are given daily and once one run is completed, the remaining tickets can be used to sweep. There are 4 different stages to select from with the latter increasing in difficulty. Students can be borrowed from circles with the same conditions as those in raids. However, it is important to note that failing to complete a stage will not prevent the students used from participating again.

To begin, enter the current exercise being held. The exercise is started by pressing the yellow button on the bottom right of the screen. The blue button to the left can be used to start a mock exercise. Once started, 3 stages need to be cleared with 3 separate teams. Each team will earn a score based on the time used to complete the stage and the stage's difficulty. After 3 stages are cleared, each team's score will be aggregated into a final score and provide rewards based on the tiers below. Joint Firing Drill coins can be spent in the Shop.

  • Score 0 5,500 20,300 35,100 49,900 64,700 79,500 94,300 104,950 123,900 138,700 153,500 167,570 170,250 197,900 212,700 227,500 236,500 239,000 241,500
    Coins 40 10 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
  • Schedule[edit]

    This is a list of recent event holding times. To edit the list, see Events/Joint Firepower Exercise

    Name Start date End date Special Rules
    Shooting Exercise 03/09/2022 11:00 03/15/2022 23:59
    Defense Exercise 03/23/2022 11:00 03/30/2022 03:59
    Assault Exercise 05/11/2022 11:00 05/18/2022 03:59
    Shooting Exercise 06/08/2022 11:00 06/15/2022 03:59
    Defense Exercise 07/06/2022 11:00 07/13/2022 03:59
    Assault Exercise 08/03/2022 11:00 08/09/2022 03:59
    Shooting Exercise 09/21/2022 11:00 09/28/2022 03:59
    Defense Exercise 10/12/2022 11:00 10/19/2022 03:59
    Assault Exercise 11/09/2022 11:00 11/16/2022 03:59
    Shooting Exercise 11/30/2022 11:00 12/07/2022 03:59
    Defense Exercise 12/28/2022 11:00 01/04/2023 03:59
    Assault Exercise 02/15/2023 11:00 02/22/2023 03:59
    Shooting Exercise 03/08/2023 11:00 03/15/2023 03:59
    Defense Exercise 04/05/2023 11:00 04/12/2023 03:59
    Assault Exercise 05/10/2023 11:00 05/17/2023 03:59
    Shooting Exercise 06/06/2023 11:00 06/14/2023 03:59
    Defense Exercise 06/21/2023 11:00 06/28/2023 03:59
    Assault Exercise 08/09/2023 11:00 08/16/2023 03:59
    Shooting Exercise 09/06/2023 11:00 09/13/2023 03:59
    Defense Exercise 10/11/2023 11:00 10/18/2023 03:59
    Escort Exercise 11/08/2023 11:00 11/15/2023 03:59
    Assault Exercise 12/06/2023 11:00 12/13/2023 03:59
    Shooting Exercise 01/10/2024 11:00 01/14/2024 03:59
    Defense Exercise 02/07/2024 11:00 02/14/2024 03:59
    Escort Exercise 03/06/2024 11:00 03/13/2024 03:59
    Assault Exercise 04/11/2024 11:00 04/17/2024 03:59
    Shooting Exercise 05/08/2024 11:00 05/15/2024 03:59
    Defense Exercise 06/05/2024 11:00 06/12/2024 03:59


    Shooting Exercise[edit]

    During this exercise, there will be 3 boss enemies that are defeated one by one along the stage.

    Phase HP Time Special Rules Notes
    1 161,834
    2 335,585
    3 1,743,918 Special students have increased Attack.
    4 2,721,625 Special students have increased Attack.

    Damage received in increased for every debuff enemy has (stacks up to 4).

    Defense Exercise[edit]

    In this exercise, swarms of enemies will rush your units similar to the Ruins stage in Commissions. There are multiple swarms in a stage and once enough enemies are defeated in the current swarm, the next one will spawn.

    Phase HP Time Special Rules Notes

    Green 5,124

    White 5,199

    Brown 9,393


    Green 11,070

    White 11,136

    Brown 20,296


    Green 28,151

    White 28,205

    Brown 51,612

    3:30 Enemies' HP is increased, enemies recover HP when hit.

    Green 55,266

    White 55,300

    Brown 101,324

    3:30 Enemies' HP is increased, enemies recover HP when hit.

    Increased Attack of GL, MT, MG students.

    Assault Exercise[edit]

    During this exercise, there will be 3 waves of enemies along the stage. Similar to the relics in Hieronymus, there will be a totem in each wave that when progressively healed, will give stacks of increased damage taken debuff to all enemies (Max stack of 10).

    Phase HP (Totem) Time Special Rules Notes

    Wave 1: ~5400

    Wave 2: ~8100

    Wave 3: ~13500


    Wave 1: ~10560

    Wave 2: ~16430

    Wave 3: ~25420


    Wave 1: ~21310

    Wave 2: ~33780

    Wave 3: ~50265

    1:30 Enemies' attack is increased and does additional subsequent damage.

    Wave 1: ~32930

    Wave 2: ~52530

    Wave 3: ~77110

    1:30 When an ally is healed, Scarecrow also receives healing. Increase Scarecrow HP.

    Weapon type SR attack power increased. Enemy HP increased.

    Escort Exercise[edit]

    During this exercise, there will be 1 wave of enemies targeting an ally Avant Garde. If Avant Garde is defeated the stage ends in failure.

    Phase Time Special Rules Notes
    1 3:30
    2 3:30
    3 3:30 Any buffs applied to Avant Garde-kun are duplicated to all allies, except Special students.
    4 3:30 Any buffs applied to Avant Garde-kun are duplicated to all allies, except Special students.

    Avant Garde-kun healing is reduced, enemy attack is reduced.

    Special Rules[edit]

    Each Exercise season will have a set environment and enemy armor types, along with up to 2 additional Special Rules, depending on the stage players choose.

    General effects
    Environment type
    Enemy armor type
    Ally effects
    Allies using certain weapon types or being of certain roles will have their Attack reduced/increased
    Decreased ally Attack Speed
    Decreased ally Defense
    Decreased ally HP
    Reduced cost recovery of all allies whenever EX skill is used
    Increased ally Critical Rate
    The scarecrow's HP decreases over time
    If the team has at least one of all roles (supporters, attackers, tanks, healers, and T.S) present, the Cost Recovery speed of allies is increased
    The number of students deployed gives certain buffs). The fewer the students deployed, the more buffs each student will have (deploying more than 4 students won't give any buffs)
    Students using AR / HG weapons will deal additional subsequent damage when they attack
    Any buffs allies receive will be removed. Buffs from passive skills or a special student's sub-skill are exempt and will not be removed
    When an ally defeats an enemy, they receive a decreased attack debuff that stacks up to 50 times. Healing an ally will remove 5 of these debuffs
    The scarecrow will change states at regular intervals. Reversal state: Healing the scarecrow will deal damage to allies. No healing is actually applied to the scarecrow. Normal state: Scarecrow can be normally healed
    Allies continuously take Poison damage that ignores Defense and cannot be cleansed
    When the scarecrow is healed, deals damage to enemies proportional to the amount healed
    Enemy effects
    Increased enemy Attack
    Increased enemy Accuracy
    Increased enemy Evasion
    Enemies explode upon death, dealing damage to allies in a circular area
    Enemies take damage each time they are affected by a crowd control
    The enemy regenerates health at regular intervals
    Enemies' HP is reduced, but they only take a maximum of 1 damage at a time
    Enemies have increased defense penetration
    Enemies will not take damage from certain sources
    Enemies will leave behind a burning area when defeated
    Enemies' HP is increased. If an enemy is inflicted with burn, chill, or poison, dealing damage deals additional subsequent damage
    Increased enemy critical resistance
    Enemies' HP is increased and recovers HP when attacked
    Enemies' attack is increased and does additional subsequent damage