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Cost10 AP
Rec. Level61



First Clear Antique Pocket Watch BlueprintCross BlueprintCross Choker Blueprint
Main Drops Antique Pocket Watch Blueprint60.0%Cross Blueprint45.0%Cross Choker Blueprint45.0%
Other Drops Waterproof Digital Watch10.0%Leather Wristwatch Blueprint20.0%Traffic Safety Amulet7.5%Heat Pack Blueprint15.0%Bluetooth Necklace7.5%Snowflake Pendant Blueprint15.0%Credits200~800


  • Setup
    • Boss Team top. (3 battles, Piercing)
    • Sweep Team bottom. (2 battles, Mystic)
  • Turn 1
    • Attack enemy left of Boss Team.
    • Move Sweep Team to the Left, swapping with Boss Team.
    • Move Sweep Team onto 1, but do not teleport.
  • Turn 2
    • Teleport Sweep Team with 1 and then move down onto 2, disconnecting the bottom mystic enemy from the rest of the map.
    • Move Boss Team to the left.
  • Turn 3
    • Attack enemy left of Sweep Team.
    • Move Boss Team to the left and teleport with 1.
  • Turn 4
    • Move Boss Team to the bottom-left, swapping with Sweep Team.
    • Attack the enemy on the bottom-left with Boss Team.
    • Attack the enemy on the left with Sweep Team.
    • (the boss will attack Boss Team for a 4-turn clear)