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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level50


CHAPTER08 Hard Main Stage02.png


First Clear Hasumi's ElephAngry Adelie Button BlueprintPeroro Oven Mitts BlueprintWavecat Wristwatch Blueprint
Main Drops Hasumi's Eleph40.0%Angry Adelie Button Blueprint100.0%Angry Adelie Button Blueprint80.0%Peroro Oven Mitts Blueprint100.0%Peroro Oven Mitts Blueprint35.0%Wavecat Wristwatch Blueprint100.0%Wavecat Wristwatch Blueprint35.0%
Other Drops Credits400~1600Serval Metal Badge40.0%Sports Gloves30.0%Waterproof Digital Watch30.0%


Bossing team to the right, clearing team to the left

Attack the enemies below with both teams

Clearing team to the right, activating (3) while bossing team moves left

Activate (4) with your clearing team then move your bossing team to the path that just opened

Use the teleporter with your bossing team and kill the boss. You can use your clearing team to move to (2) and teleport in front of the present box too if you want to collect it.