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Cost20 AP
Rec. Level53


CHAPTER08 Hard Main Stage03.png


First Clear Haruna's ElephMomo Hairpin BlueprintPinky-Paca Slippers BlueprintNikolai Locket Blueprint
Main Drops Haruna's Eleph40.0%Momo Hairpin Blueprint100.0%Momo Hairpin Blueprint80.0%Pinky-Paca Slippers Blueprint100.0%Pinky-Paca Slippers Blueprint35.0%Nikolai Locket Blueprint100.0%Nikolai Locket Blueprint35.0%
Other Drops Credits400~1600Tennis Headband40.0%Pink Sneakers30.0%Bluetooth Necklace30.0%


Bossing team to the left, clearing team to the right

Move your teams on top of the teleporter but don't use it

Use your clearing team to activate the path on (3) then use the teleporter with your bossing team, swap places and attack the tank above.

Activate the other path at (2) with your clearing team then move to the now opened path with your bossing team

Attack the enemies with both of your teams on this turn. The boss will attack you for a 4-turn clear.