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This is a list of 4-panel manga published by the English Twitter account of Blue Archive.

For images, see this list of pictures uploaded by the official Twitter account.

Episode Description from official tweet Link Image
1 Episode 1 features the Abydos Foreclosure Task Force! link
2 Episode 2 is about a day in Problem Solver 68! link
3 Episode 3 features the School Lunch Club, in charge of tirelessly preparing lunch for Gehenna! link
4 Episode 4 is about cleaning with C&C...? link
5 Episode 5 is about Hoshino's sleeping mask collection.
Just where was Hoshino able to get a hold of those sleeping masks?
6 Episode 6 features the Justice Task Force!
Oh, no, Tsurugi! Is she going to be okay?
7 Episode 7 features the Prefect Team!
It looks like Iori was too enthusiastic
8 The Allied Hyakkiyako Academy is excited for the Hyakkiyako Cherry Blossom Festival! But being Momoyodou's idol isn't as easy as it seems. link
9 Episode 9 features the Millennium Science School Engineering Club!
Hmm... Maybe the judges they chose were a bit too strict.
10 Episode 10 features the main characters of the new story, the Game Development Department!
Momoi's idea to help Aris started out innocent...
11 A continuation of episode 11 with Game Development Department!
No matter what, it's always Yuuka who worries about Game Development Department.
12 Episode 12 features Sora from the Angel 24 convenience store!
I find her forehead to be charming!
13 Episode 13 features the After-School Sweets Club!
Squirrels are cute, indeed.
14 Episode 14 features a new setting: The Red Winter Academy!
What is happening while Cherino is sound asleep?
15 Episode 15 continues on with the Red Winter Federal Academy!
Nodoka's hobby is maybe a little...
16 The Make-Up Work Club members make their debut in Episode 16! link
17 Episode 17 continues with the Make-Up Work Club!
Let's see how Koharu, a self-proclaimed elite, scored on her pop quiz!
18 Episode 18 is courtesy of the Tea Party, Trinity General School's student council! link
19 Episode 19 features Problem Solver 68!
Just what secret is hidden within Aru's student ID?
20 Trinity General School is in the Episode 20! The Trinity Justice Task Force & Make-Up Work Club are getting ready to depart for the beach! link
21 A continuation of episode 21 from the summer beach. link
22 Episode 22 is Hasumi's debut post-summer vacation!
She seems a little sad about something, though...
23 Episode 23 is from the Game Development Department!
How do they spend the summer vacation in Millennium Science School?
24 Ep. 24 features the Prefect Team busily preparing for training camp!
Warming up before swimming is essential!
25 The Prefect Team's summer training continues, pero!
The team's perfectionist Iori is demonstrating her shooting skills, pero!
26 Long time no see, Abydos Foreclosure Task Force!
Trekking across Kivotos sounds amazing, Shiroko!
27 Episode 27 features the Make-Up Work Club!
Camp's finally begun!
28 Episode 28 is from Shanhaijing Senior Secondary School!
It looks like it's snack time at the Plum Blossom Garden!
29 Episode 29 also features Shanhaijing!
Saya's latest and greatest! What effects will it bring?
30 Episode 30 is a sneak peek into C&C's cruise ship infiltration! link
31 Episode 31 continues with C&C's wild adventures.
This chaotic mission is drawing to a close!
32 Episode 32 features the Gourmet Research Society!
Gold Maguro... Just what kind of fish is it?
33 The Make-Up Work Club’s Boot Camp continues! It looks like Hifumi brought along some Momo Friends to camp! link
34 Episode 34 features the After-School Sweets Club!
I wonder what limited-edition premium milk tastes like...
35 Episode 35 continues with the After-School Sweets Club.
It's time to train their bravery at the Ruins!
36 A continuation of episode 36 from Trinity General School!
Is it normal for a Sister to come to the shooting range...?
37 Episode 37 is the first appearance of the President of Veritas, Himari! link
38 Episode 38 features the flawless and trustworthy supporter, Ako! link
39 Episode 39 features Veritas!
What are they up to this time?
40 Episode 40 is from nowhere other than Hot Springs Resort No.227!
President Cherino is fully enjoying the hot springs as well!
41 Continuing at the Hot Springs Resort No. 227 in Episode 41!
The magical power of massage chairs...
42 The story of Hot Springs Resort No.227 continues.
Just what is Meru drawing?!
43 Episode 43 looks at Gehenna Academy’s Pandemonium Society! link
44 It's been a while, Problem Solver 68!
This shrine sure has a lot of cats!
45 Serika’s part-time gig as a miko continues!! link
46 Hifumi's decided to meet up with the Foreclosure Task Force! link
47 Episode 47 is set in the Public Safety Bureau! link
48 Chihiro lays her eyes on the Gehenna Academy!? link
49 Today's spotlight is on the Inner Discipline Club of the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy! link
50 The Make-Up Work Club makes a return for Episode 50 !
Looks like Koharu has been keeping busy...
51 Episode 51 is about the Sisterhood!
Hinata is always so kind~ (✿◡‿◡)
52 Episode 52 features Ui!
Did anything exciting happen in the library today?
53 Episode 53 is from Red Winter!
They say Marina is very skilled at cleaning
54 The Game Development Department will be making a return for Episode 54!
What is their new game?
55 Today's main character is Miyu... link
56 Episode 56 continues with the RABBIT Squad! link
57 Episode 57 is from the Trinity General School!
What is your wish, Sensei?
58 You would be okay with Ibuki too... Right, Sensei? link
59 This one is all about the Justice Task Force!
Who is the real thug?
60 Episode 60 is from Ninjutsu Research Club!
Michiru has found out what videos to upload to increase her subscriber count...
61 In this episode, Hiyori musters up the courage to exchange a special coupon. link
62 Episode 62 follows the Super Phenomenon Task Force! Himari is determined to be the best, most beautiful girl at the school... link
63 Episode 63 is from Arius Squad!
Atsuko's love for flowers successfully bloomed into blossoms.
64 In this episode, we find out if Hina from the Prefect Team can pull off pigtails. link
65 Episode 65 is all about the Task Force! Will veteran fisher Shiroko get a big catch today? link
66 Just how many masks does Wakamo have? link
67 It's so much fun to tease Shizuko like that. She gets so flustered! link
68 What? Mr. Crab is evolving! link
69 Saori never backs down!
But has she finally reached her limit?
70 Episode 70 takes us to the Game Development Department,
and on that day, Schale received a grim reminder...
71 Episode 71 takes us to the After-School Sweets Club.
So, "anything" and "anything" actually mean two completely different things...
72 Episode 72 comes straight from RABBIT Squad!
Who's to say whether or not an explosion counts as art?
73 Episode 73 showcases the Prefect Team!
It seems Iori has a bit of a clumsy side...
74 Episode 74 is sent to us from the Plum Blossom Garden!
From teddy bears to wind chimes, Kokona is prepared for what is to come.
75 You jinxed it. link
76 Episode 76 is from the Seminar!
What secrets are held by the water bottle that Yuuka's looking for?
77 Episode 77 is brought to you by C&C!
For some inexplicable reason, the bomb exploded!
78 Koharu's always had an...active imagination, and these shadows aren't helping! link
79 No, Mari!
Hasumi is on a diet!
80 Looks like the competitive fire of the Kivotos Halo Festival hasn't been put out yet. link
81 "When that last leaf falls, it will by my final..." link
82 Aris boosted her Appeal stat with a new skin! All she needs now is a manicure and she'll get a set bonus! link
83 I suppose 20 km is easy for someone as amazing as Sumire! link
84 Don't worry, Sensei, Shigure has a special drink ready for you too! link
85 Wow, it's president Rio's fully automated barista machine!
It must function with absolute perfection!
86 There's nothing more rewarding than charity work. You're awesome, Serina! link
87 Chairman Makoto's charismatic ploy doesn't even phase Cherino. Red Winter is certainly a cut above when it comes to coup d'état! link
88 Haruna has such a big personality that it's impossible for her scenes NOT to be dynamic! (Good thing it wasn't a bomb...) link
89 Poor Fuuka! It seems the New Year's fresh start didn't help her neuroses much. link
90 Captain Mine...
You're not trying to say we should...eliminate them, are you? >_<
91 Maybe we can mass-produce and sell RABBIT Squad helmets and we'll finally be free from a life of expired bentos... link
92 Mika is just as cheerful as ever—even in prison! And her friendship with Nagisa, who secretly worries for her, is evident. link
93 They made a short interview even shorter in the worst possible way!
If this bad press is any indicator, then the pen really is mightier than the sword...
94 Isn't it a bit suspicious that Noa agreed to send Koyuki to the 'sea' so easily? What's she up to? link
95 Hanako may not have been the best person to ask for advice...
But Sakurako's new profile picture is perfect! That was textbook gap moe! ^o^
96 Looks like it's moving day for the Kivotos Student Council!
Even on moving day, Momoka is still lazing about...
Well, if she falls asleep in a box, guess she'll get packed up too!
97 Toki takes lessons from her upperclassmen at C&C very seriously! Naturally she strives for absolute purrfection in everything she does, including this! link
98 The Masked Swimsuit Gan—No. The Abydos Foreclosure Task Force is hard at work cleaning up the pool.
Obviously some outfits are a little too comfortable for hard work... ^-^;
99 Koyuki! A little bad luck doesn't give you free license to attack a food company!
Clearly the Seminar members have their hands full today...
100 Thanks to your fervent support, we've released 100 episodes of the Blue Archive Official 4-Panel Manga! link
101 Is it really considered noise canceling if you're just drowning it out with metal? You can't argue with results, but it seems Aru isn't quite used to heavy metal just yet! ^-^; link
102 It seems Haruka's completely freaking out again... Hopefully she'll gain a bit more perspective and confidence this new year. link
103 It's tough not to indulge when there's a veritable feast in front of you! But don't hold back too much, or it could be bad for your health, Izuna! link
104 As expected, Tomoe's single-minded dedication to President Cherino and her excellent speaking skills have captured the hearts of the Red Winter students!
...Captured ...Right?
105 Hyakkiyako's professional ambassador, Kaho, got caught organizing all her Chise merch! link
106 It's the SSR-Rank cat-eared maid, Aris! Maid Beeeeeeam! link
107 Toki is on an undercover mission with the Game Development Department!
Wait, what happens if her opponent uses rock...?
108 Kazusa's compliment certainly caught Reisa off guard. She's so cute when she's flustered! *^-^* link
109 Hifumi would travel to the ends of Kivotos to save Peroro!
Too bad it was just Azusa's swimcap... ^^;
110 This painfully bright golden light seems familiar somehow…
Bah! My eyes! >_<;
111 Ah, Mina! Remember, the whole point of fiction is that it isn't real! link