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An overview of all Unique gear currently implemented. Note that unlike Unique weapons, gear is only added for select characters.

Please also see the following listings:

Character Name Description Effects
Aru Aru's treasured wallet Aru's treasured wallet

A luxury wallet that Aru loves.
It's a luxury item made of high quality materials, but it has faded and scratched here and there due to long use. Haruka, Kayoko, and Mutsuki pooled money together and presented this wallet as a gift to commemorate the beginnings of Handyman 68, which makes it an irreplaceable treasured posession for Aru.

Tier1: Increase Accuracy by 150
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Noir shoot +
Asuna (Bunny Girl) Bunny Tail Grenade Bunny Tail Grenade

A grenade shaped like the tail of a rabbit that Asuna wears when dressed as a bunny girl.
Covered with fluffy fur, it looks harmless at first glance, but has the same destructive power as any other grenade would.

Tier1: Increase Attack by 200
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Let's have some fun! +
Cherino (Hot Spring) Bath adjutant Bath adjutant

A new souvenir from the Red Winter Federal Academy, made by adding a moustache to a mass-produced rubber duck.
Cherino was not pleased with this rubber duck, claiming it was something a young child would use, but she would always take it with her every time she went to the bath.

Tier1: Increase Attack by 1000
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Sights set, purge! +
Eimi Super Cooling Fan Super Cooling Fan

Eimi's secret weapon for working in hot places and hot regions.
Despite its cute appearance, it is capable of producing dangerously strong winds. Compared to its powerful airflow, the effective range is quite limited, so multiple people need to be in close proximity to each other in order to be exposed to the wind.

Tier1: Increase HP by 10000
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to A furious fixated attack +
Hare Athena-3 Athena-3

A spherical drone that always hovers around Hare.
Named after the Goddess of Wisdom, the drone is equipped with an artificial intelligence that can learn from its own experiences, though it often works in the exact opposite of the intention of its master, to Hare's disappointment.

Tier1: Increase Attack by 400
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Subversion: Plan A +
Hifumi (Swimsuit) Momo Friends Special Teapot Momo Friends Special Teapot

A teapot brought by Hifumi, who said it was an absolute necessity on a tank while visiting the sea.
This is a special teapot model made for tanks. Although it is designed for tanks, it is a personal item that Hifumi purchased at her own expense.

Tier1: Increase Attack by 500
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Peroro-sama's Attack +
Hina (Swimsuit) Disciplinary Committee Flotation Device Disciplinary Committee Flotation Device

Flotation device officially adopted by the Gehenna Disciplinary Committee.
As befits the Disciplinary Committee equipment, it is made of quality materials and has different functions compared to ordinary floats. Hina, who is not yet accustomed to swimming, relies on it all the time, and is very grateful for it.

Tier1: Increase Attack by 1500
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Slow and Knock out +
Hinata Goods management ledger Goods management ledger

An item management ledger for the Trinity Cathedral that Hinata made herself.
It carefully summarizes where and how much of all the items in the cathedral are stored. Hinata usually fetches whatever is needed herself, so outsiders often don't know about the existence of this ledger.

Tier1: Increase Attack by 1300
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Let's talk first...! +
Izumi Lucky Hot Dog Model Lucky Hot Dog Model

A plastic hot dog model that smells and feels almost as good as an actual hot dog.
It was made with a 3D printer. Even the bite mark has been faithfully reproduced. Izumi says she carries this model around with her because it smells great and often brings her good fortune in finding something delicious to eat.

Tier1: Increase Attack Speed by 3000
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Reeeady, Bang! +
Junko Gourmet Notebook Gourmet Notebook

Junko's treasured notebook. In it, Junko keeps a rating record of the restaurants she has visited.

Tier1: Increase Attack by 800
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Don't talk to me when I'm hungry! +
Neru Neru's Sukajan Neru's Sukajan

A sukajan that Neru won't let go of even for a second. When asked why she sticks to it, she gives a very simple and clear answer.

Tier1: Increase Attack by 600
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Huh? Stop bullshitting! +
Shiroko Shiroko's Drone Shiroko's Drone

A drone that Shiroko always carries around. She claims it to be a photography drone used for exercise, but it is equipped with various "additional devices" unrelated to photography.

Tier1: Increase Critical Damage by 2000
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Grenade Toss +
Shun (Kid) Shun's childhood memories Shun's childhood memories

A pair of hairpins that Shun treasures.
She doesn't wear twintails, so they don't get much use anymore, but they are a memento of Shun's precious memories of the past.

Tier1: Increase Critical Damage by 2000
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to That's dangerous! +
Suzumi Patrol Headphones Patrol Headphones

Headphones that Suzumi carries around on patrol. "Patrol Headphones" is just what she calls them, it is in fact a normal general-purpose product.

Tier1: Increase CC Strength by 20
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Hidden Strength of the Vigilante Corps +
Tsurugi Tsurugi's special box Tsurugi's special box

A special box that is kept well-hidden in Tsurugi's room.
Contains a wide variety of goods stacked on top of each other, including bromides, books, movie charts, and many other things. The dust-free and neat condition of the things offers a glimpse of Tsurugi's meticulous attention to detail.

Tier1: Increase Attack Speed by 1500
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Passion +
Utaha Meister's toolset Meister's toolset

A custom set of tools, assembled to Utaha's taste.
In a sense, it is no exaggeration to say that this set of tools, made with the pride of a meister, is a one of a kind across the whole of Kivotos.

Tier1: Increase Attack Speed by 2000
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to Rai-chan MK-II, Active +
Yuuka Yuuka's scientific calculator Yuuka's scientific calculator

A scientific calculator that Yuuka usually has with her.
Despite having excellent mental arithmetic ability, Yuuka always uses a calculator to double-check that the results are precise.

Tier1: Increase Defense by 500
Tier2: Normal Skill changes to I.F.F +